Media Listing December 2013


Dadaab Refugee Camp

 ‘Somali-Kenyans Registered As Refugees Caught in Conundrum’: Kenyan-Somalis who fraudulently registered as refugees in the hope of benefits now struggle to reverse their refugee statuses following calls by Kenyan Government to close down camps and the initiation of the voluntary repatriation process (Sabahi/ – 2/12/13)

 ‘Tension in Dadaab as residents accuse refugees of taking over businesses’: the relations between the local community and refugee population in Dadaab Camp is becoming increasingly estranged over perceived competition for resources and business opportunities (Standard Media – 28/12/13)

 ‘Four police officers injured in Dadaab landmine explosion’: Police officers survive after their vehicle hit a landmine in Dadaab; the officers were escorting an NGO for an assignment. (Standard Media – 30/12/13).

Voluntary Repatriation

 ‘Challenges Abound in Voluntary Repatriation of Somali Refugees From Kenya’ :An analysis piece highlighting the challenges that Kenya, Somalia and UNHCR are facing in creating favourable conditions for Somali refugees  to return home voluntarily under the Tripartite Agreement reached in November 2013. (Sahabi/ – 27/12/13)

Border Insecurity

Kenya says Somali Islamists kill six in cross-border raid’: Four Kenya police officers and two civilians were killed in an ambush on their way to Dadaab Refugee Camp. The ambush took place near the Kenya Somali border. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack. (Reuters – 10/12/2013)

Human Trafficking

Two held for trafficking a 14-year-old girl for sexual exploitation’: A man and woman were arrested on suspicion of their involvement in a human trafficking racket between Kenya and Uganda.  (Standard Media – 15/12/13)

Trafficking of humans still rife in Kenya‘: Director of Public Prosecutions told a forum that his office intends to effectively implement the Counter-Trafficking in Persons Act. Moreover, the Office of Public Prosecutions intends to develop and adopt a uniform investigative and prosecutorial manual on human trafficking; establish a database; as well as train and disseminate knowledge and skills on human trafficking.  (Standard Media - 22/11/13)

Kajiado Probes Claims of Refugee Trafficking’ Police in Kajiado are investigating an alleged multi-million shilling human trafficking racket that involves local security agents. (The Star -06/12/13)

Human Smuggling

Two arrested for smuggling in disabled persons‘: Police have intercepted a human smuggling syndicate that ferried disabled people from  Tanzania to use them as beggars in Nairobi, Kenya. (Standard Media – 10/12/13)


Internal Conflict

‘Kenya ready for South Sudan refugee influx’: The Interior Cabinet Secretary stated that the Government is working with UNHCR to put in place logistical measures in the event that there is a mass arrival of refugees. He indicated that South Sudanese refugees fleeing the conflict will not be refused entry into Kenya. (Capital FM News – 17/12/13)

South Sudan’s deteriorating humanitarian situation’: UN reports that nearly 1000 people may have been killed, while thousands more have been displaced and will require humanitarian assistance as fighting continues in South Sudan. (IRIN – 27/12/13)


Expulsion of Ethiopians from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudis expel 100,000 Ethiopians ‘Ethiopia has repatriated more than 100,000 citizens from Saudi Arabia following expiration of seventh-month period in November for undocumented workers to regularize their status or leave the country. Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister indicated that up to 50,000 more citizens were still expected to return. (Al Jazeera – 6/12/13).

Ethiopia to absorb 100,000 deportees from Saudi Arabia’: following an aggressive crackdown on immigrants living without papers in Saudi Arabia, Human Rights Watch has called on Saudi authorities to investigate reports of assaults by security forces and Saudi citizens on Ethiopians and other migrant workers.  (Africa Review - 3/12/13)

IOM Assists Ethiopian Government to Manage the Influx of Vulnerable Ethiopian Migrants Returning from Saudi Arabia’: The International Organization for Migration and the Ethiopian Government are working together to manage the influx of vulnerable Ethiopian migrants returning home from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. IOM is facilitating airport reception, registration and transportation of those arriving. (African Press Organization – 3/12/13)

Ethiopian migrants return empty handed from Saudi Arabia’: Nearly 137,000 undocumented Ethiopians have been deported by Saudi authorities to date. Ethiopian government officials say that they are viewing the situation as an opportunity to educate the public about the risks of irregular migration. (IRIN – 18/12/13)


New amendment to Anti-Infiltration Law

Knesset approves anti-infiltration bill’: The amendment to the Anti-Infiltration Law will allow African asylum-seekers to be detained for up to a year without trial when they enter Israel illegally. The detainees will be banned from working, except for work within the facility itself. The detainees will have to show up for roll call three times a day to prove they are not working outside the facility (Knesset Press Release – 10/12/13)

 ‘200 African migrants flee new Israeli detention center, open hunger strike’ African migrants flee the newly opened detention facility capable of holding 3,300 people. They declared that they would not return and were on hunger strike. They walked 60 kilometers to Be’er Sheva, a city in Israel. (Haaretz – 15/12/13)

 ‘Israel: Drop Detention Policy in Disguise’ : Human Rights Watch urges the Israel authorities to comply with its international obligations by releasing asylum-seekers as officials examine their claims and by protecting anyone found to face the risk of serious harm if returned. (Human Rights Watch News – 18/12/13).

 ‘Israel says it won’t forcibly deport illegal African migrants, but it wants them to leave’ Israeli authorities are looking for ways to push Africans to leave voluntary, and the detention facility is one way to give them a shove. (Washington Post – 21/12/13)

 ‘Africans face uncertain Israeli future after perilous migration’ – (Reuters – 22/12/13)

 ‘Immigration Authority reports increase in African migrants leaving Israel’ The Administration of Border Crossings, Population and Immigration reported Thursday on a sharp spike in the number of African migrants who left Israel in 2013. 1,850 African migrants from Sudan and Eritrea left Israel willingly in 2013, four times the amount than last year. (Jerusalem Post – 27/12/13)

 ‘African migrants in Israel march for refugee status’: Thousands of African migrants who entered Israel illegally have marched through Tel Aviv to demand that the government grant them refugee status. The Association of Civil Rights in Israel is among the organizations that have filed a legal challenge to the new amendment to the Anti-Infiltration law (Deutsche Welle – 29/12/13)


Europe’s response to irregular migration

‘Migration task force identifies 38 actions to address Mediterranean flows’: The Task Force Mediterranean (TFM) within the European Commission has identified 38 actions to address the flow of migration from Africa into Europe, which will include both repatriating failed asylum seekers as well as "outsourcing" the processing of their claims in transit countries. The TFM was set up following the shipwreck off Lampedusa in October 2013. (Malta Today – 4/12/13)

EU executive threatens Italy with legal action over migrants’: The European Commission threatened Italy with legal action on Wednesday for possible breaches of the European Union’s rules on granting asylum and over its treatment of migrants arriving from Africa on the Island of Lampedusa.  (Reuters – 18/12/13)

Migration tops EU council meeting's agenda’ – The European Council is meeting in Brussels where it is expected to endorse the 38-point action plan drawn up by the European Commission task force following Malta and Italy's insistence to put migration on the agenda after migrant tragedies in the Mediterranean. The 38 "operational actions" however do not include mandatory burden sharing mechanism, which the Maltese and Italian governments have been calling for. (Malta Today - 19/12/13)

‘EU Council endorses Task Force on the Mediterranean Communication’: The European Council called for efforts to implement the actions proposed by the Task Force. It emphasized the importance of increased engagement with third countries in order to avoid migrants embarking on dangerous journeys to the EU, information campagings, regional protection programmes, mobility partnership and an effective return policy as important elements of a comprehensive approach. (European Council – 19/20 December 2013)

EU leaders should stop shedding crocodile tears and adopt measures that save lives’: The European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) expresses its disappointment on the Task Force on the Mediterranean action points and its endorsement by the European Council. ECRC finds issue with the emphasis placed on increase border controls, security measures to deter asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants from the EU, and increased cooperation with 3rd countries. These measures have not worked in the past, will not work in the future and are likely to result in even more human suffering and loss of life. (ECRE News – 20/12/13).


Libyan Coastguards Rescue 92 Europe-Bound Migrants’ : Libyan coastguards rescued 92 African migrants stranded at sea when their boat broke down off the Tripoli coast as they were trying to reach Europe. The migrants were handed to authorities who deal with illegal migration. (Naharet Newsdesk – 16/12/13) 

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