Media Listing April 2013


1. Funding Shortfall Curtails IOM Assistance to Stranded Migrants in Yemen

Reliefweb, 02 April 2013

Severe funding shortages have adversely affected IOM assistance to thousands of stranded and destitute undocumented Horn of Africa migrants in northern Yemen. In January, IOM had to scale back free meals at its Migrant Response Centre (MRC) in the northern town of Haradh, from 3,000 meals a day to 300. Food is now only distributed to the most vulnerable – women, the elderly and unaccompanied minors.

2. Saudi Arabia builds giant Yemen border fence

BBC, 09 April 2013

Saudi Arabia is building a giant border fence to seal off its troubled frontier with Yemen, Saudi border authorities have told the BBC. The 1,800km (1,100-mile) fence is set to run from the Red Sea coast in the west to the edge of Oman in the east.

3. Saudi Arabia expels thousands of Yemeni workers

Guardian, 02 April 2013

Up to 300,000 could be forced to leave, causing instability and draining income from impoverished Yemen.Impoverished Yemen is facing new instability with thousands of its nationals working in Saudi Arabia being expelled after the kingdom issued new labour laws to tackle its own employment crisis.

4. Saudis to Delay a Measure Deporting Foreign Workers

New York Times, 06 April 2013

CAIRO — Almost two weeks after Saudi Arabia started deporting thousands of foreign workers fromYemen and other countries in a crackdown that drew protests from local business owners and foreign diplomats, Saudi officials on Saturday reversed course and announced a three-month grace period for the workers, according to the official Saudi news agency.

5. K.S.A establishes military sites on border with Yemen, resumes fence construction

Aden Tribune, 24 March 2013

Aden Tribune – News report talked about the establishing of new military checkpoints and military sites on the Saudi side of the Yemen-Saudi borders on Sunday without clearing the aim of these movements by the northern neighbor of Yemen, Saudi Arabia.


6. Plight of Ethiopian migrants in Yemen continues unabated

IOM, 19 April 2013

Yemen - A delegation of humanitarian agencies, including IOM, led by the top UN official in Yemen Resident Coordinator Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, yesterday (18/4) visited the Yemeni-Saudi border and witnessed the harrowing conditions facing thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa.

7. Thousands of migrants stranded in Yemen

VOA, 19 April 2013

Humanitarian agencies say thousands of migrants from the Horn of Africa are living in harrowing conditions along the Yemen-Saudi Arabia border. Many have been robbed and tortured by traffickers

8. Migrant voices: Ethiopians in Yemen describe kidnapping and torture

IRIN, 11 April 2013

SANA’A, 11 April 2013 (IRIN) - Record numbers of migrants from the Horn of Africa are crossing into Yemen, most of them on their way to find better opportunities in Saudi Arabia and other rich Gulf countries. But many do not make it any further. Seeking a new life, they end up unwitting victims of a smuggling racket designed to exploit the migrants at each juncture of their journey.


9. 14,353 Somalis return home since January

NZWEEK, 20 April 2013

NAIROBI, April 20 — Up to 14,353 Somali refugees have made spontaneous returns from Kenya since January, with 1,029 people reported to have moved thus far in April, the UN refugee agency on Saturday.

10. Human Rights Agenda for the Post-Transition Somali Government

Reliefweb, 25 April 2013.

Somalia is at a crucial juncture. In August 2012, the eight year ‘transitional’ period in Somalia ended with the appointment of a new Somali administration in September 2012. While this has led to a wave of optimism and hope for a new era, the new Somali government faces many challenges. Since the beginning of the conflict in 1991, civilians have been killed, beaten and otherwise abused in southern and central Somalia. Members of government forces and affiliated militias, as well as the Islamist armed group al-Shabab and affiliated militias, have carried out such abuses.


11. Uhuru seeks repatriation of refugees

Standard, 28 April 2013

Kenya and the Federal Republic of Somalia are working on modalities to ensure repatriation of Somali refugees holed up in camps in North Eastern.

12. Facing hardship in Kenya, refugees head home to Somalia

Sabahi, 17 April 2013

Garissa — Abdullahi Mohammed Diriye, 46, has put his cosmetics shops in Garissa up for sale. Life as a Somali refugee in Kenya has become unbearable for him because of fallout from a series of terrorism-related attacks attributed to al-Shabaab, he said. "Some security officers accuse us of being members of al-Shabaab or collaborating with the group," Diriye told Sabahi.

European Union and United States of America

13. Offshore camp for migrants

The Sun, 14 April 2013

ASYLUM seekers could be held at hired camps in African countries under a Tory plan to cut illegal immigration.

14. Immigration of unaccompanied minors on rise

Aljazeera, 24 April 2013

At the age of 12, Aaron dropped out of school in Guatemala to help support his family. He took a job at a farm, where he laboured tirelessly for more than 12 hours a day. Like many youth, he was soon targeted by a gang. Bullied and attacked, he fled to the United States seeking protection.



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