Media Listing January 2013


 1.       In Brief: More than 1.3 million child labourers in Yemen

 IRIN News, January 16 2013

 DUBAI, 16 January 2013 (IRIN) - The results of the first ever national child labour survey in Yemen suggest the country has more than 1.3 million child labourers, about 17 percent of all children.

2.       Analysis: Aid money unspent as Yemen’s transition process drags on

IRIN News, January 17 2013

 LONDON, 17 January 2013 (IRIN) - The transitional peace process in Yemen is struggling to move forward and billions of dollars of aid assistance is going untapped, according to UK Minister of State for International Development Alan Duncan.

3.       Challenges abound as aid reaches Yemen’s south

IRIN January 21 2013

Assistance is increasing to Yemen’s southern governorate of Abyan, as it emerges from war and tens of thousands of people return home. But the aid scale-up comes in the context of a complex and still fragile environment, which has left aid workers wary of being too optimistic.


 4. UNHCR position on the directive by the Kenyan Government on the relocation of refugees from the urban centres to the refugee camps: January 25 2013

5.       Somali refugees face increased attack in Kenya, rights group says

Hiraan, January 24, 2013

Ten rights groups said on Tuesday that the assaults have increased after the Kenyan government ordered Somali refugees to go back to remote and overcrowded camps on December 18, 2012.

 6.       Kenya: Don’t force 55,000 refugees into camps

HRW January 15,2013

The Kenyan authorities should halt their plan to forcibly move 55,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers from cities to overcrowded and underserviced refugee camps, Human Rights Watch said today. Citing a number of grenade attacks in 2012, the authorities contend the move will improve Kenyan national security and lead to the return of Somali refugees to Somalia.

 7.       Group decries rise in refugee attack

The Standard January 23 2013

Civil society groups have called on the Government to stop police harassment of refugees.

8.       Pressure piles on Kenya to stop refugee relocation

The Star January 23, 2013

INTERNATIONAL pressure continued to mount yesterday on Kenya’s bid to relocate over 50,000 refugees out of its major cities for security reasons.

Just a day after UNHCR-Kenya opposed the move, another organisation; Human Rights Watch released a press release yesterday opposing the move.

9.       Reprieve for urban refugees in Kenya but fear persists

IRIN January 24, 2013

Urban refugees in Kenya, threated with relocation to overcrowded refugee camps, are breathing a sigh of relief following a High Court ruling that has provisionally halted the move.


10.    UNHCR says over 1.1 million refugees in the Horn of Africa

China daily January 23, 2013

There are 1.1 million Somali refugees in the Horn of Africa region as of Dec. 31, 2012, a UN refugee agency said on Saturday. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said Somali refugees in the Horn of Africa region included 532,660 in Kenya, 219,057 in Yemen, 214,167 in Ethiopia, and 29,603 in Uganda among other countries, the UNHCR said in its latest Somalia Factsheet released in Nairobi on Saturday.

11.    Hunger brings more Somali refugees to Ethiopia

Refugees are arriving to Ethiopia’s Dolo Ado refugee camp in greater numbers, driven by poor rains and ongoing conflict in Somalia. While famine is not expected to return to the East African country, hunger remains a problem for families forced to leave their homes in search of food.

12.    Somali refugees in the region as of January 15 2013

Somaliland Sun, January 21, 2013

Somalilandsun - The number of Somali refugees in the countries surrounding Somalia are reported to be over 1,022,437, among them 84,400 in the republic of Somaliland.

 13.    Refugees from Somalia's civil war not welcome - Somali Journalist

CBC News January 15, 2013

We started this segment with a clip from Sa'ed Hassan, a Somali refugee living in the Eastleigh district of Nairobi, Kenya, also known as "Little Mogadishu." Tens of thousands of Somali refugees live in the neighbourhood; home since fleeing the civil war in the 1990s.

14.    France to give 1 million euros to help displaced Somalis

All Africa News, January 09 2013

The Government of France on Wednesday (January 9th) pledged to give a million Euros (US$1.3 million) to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to help the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons, migrant populations and refugees in Somalia

15.    Plight of Somali boat people must stop: UN expert says after latest tragedy

UN News 21 December 2012

An independent United Nations human rights expert today urged authorities in Somalia to address the root causes that prompt people to put their lives at risk and flee the country, after 55 Somali refugees and migrants drowned in the latest boat disaster in the Gulf of Aden.


 16.    Arrest and deportation of refugees to Ethiopia

Ethio Forum, January 12, 2013

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) has learnt through its informants that the government of Djibouti has arbitrarily arrested 43 refugees from Ethiopia (Oromo and Ogdenian nationals) and deported the, to Ethiopia. All these refugees, who were picked up by the Djibouti security…

 17.    Ethiopia's resettlement scheme leaves lives shattered and UK facing questions

A 'villagisation' programme has left many people from Ethiopia's Gambella region bereft of land and loved ones, casting donor support in an unflattering light

18.    Horn migrants use new, more dangerous, routes through Malawi

IRIN January 21 2013

On 20 June 2012, a group of undocumented Ethiopian migrants boarded a boat on the shores of Lake Malawi and headed southwards. A few minutes after departing, the overloaded boat sank, drowning 49 of its passengers.


19.    Attempted coup fails in Eritrea

Ethiopia Media Forum

ERITREA, a sliver of a nation in the Horn of Africa that is one of the most secretive and repressive countries in the world, was cast into confusion on Monday after mutinous soldiers stormed the Ministry of Information and took over the state-run television service, apparently in a coup attempt.


20.    Sudanese refugees flee conflict into Ethiopia

Pana press January, 09 2013

An influx of Sudanese and Somali refugees has been recorded in five camps in Ethiopia, with fresh arrivals expected due to the crisis in Sudan's Blue Nile state, aid agencies warned Wednesday.


21.    Only 10 African migrants enter Israel in January

The Times of Israel January 31, 2013

Influx of asylum-seekers halted, interior minister says, but mission not complete while thousands still reside in the country

  22.       The urban challenge for refugees

IRIN January 09, 2013

Nouakchott/Dakar — Sequestering refugees in rural camps is no longer the norm: The most recent estimates indicate that almost half of refugees flock to urban areas and just one third to rural camps, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). But while agencies are adjusting their approaches, they are still struggling to match their response with their policies.



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