Media Listing December 2011

Horn of Africa

1. Explosion kills Kenyan policeman in Dadaab camp

Alertnet December 05 2011 - GARISSA, Kenya, (Reuters) - An explosion killed one Kenyan police officer and wounded three on Monday at the Dadaab refugee complex in the north of the country near Somalia, provincial police commander Leo Nyongesa said.

2. Explosion in Daadab two shot dead

The Standard December 20 2011 - An explosion believed to be a grenade occurred near a training centre in Ifo Dadaab on Tuesday morning. No injuries were reported but police are investigating the incident.

3. Kenya's Dadaab Refugee Camp on Edge After Series of Attacks

Voice of America December 26 2011 - The United Nations says aid agencies have had to further reduce services at the Dadaab refugee camp in eastern Kenya after a series of attacks targeting security forces in the area. Refugees at the camp say police are now going door-to-door to look for those responsible.

4. Somalia fighting, disease, humanitarian appeal

OCHA December 13 2011 - The 2012 Humanitarian Appeal for Somalia was launched on 13 December in Nairobi. US$1.5 billion is required to address the needs of four million people.

5. Large-scale airlift begins for Sudanese refugees in South Sudan

UN Refugee Agency December 20 2011 - The UN refugee agency today launched a massive airlift operation from Kenya to South Sudan to bring urgently-needed aid to around 50,000 Sudanese refugees.

6. Somalis flee famine to find hunger, sickness in camps

Agence France-Presse December 25 2012
By Jenny Vaughan, DOLO ADO, Ethiopia — When Somali refugee Madina Ali escaped harsh drought and famine in Somalia, she hoped to find a better life in Ethiopia's Dolo Ado camp.

7. RCA repatriates 5000 IDPs to their native villages in Somalia

Emirates News Agency December 30 2011 - WAM Abu Dhabi, Over 400 Somali displaced families living at UAE Raja (Hope) makeshift camp in Mogadishu were finally back home and assumed normal life thanks to a repatriation programme carried out by the UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA).

8. Hard trek from Sudan leads to safety and deprivation

UN High Commissioner for Refugees 23 December 2011 - 
DORO CAMP, UPPER NILE STATE, South Sudan, December 23 (UNHCR) – The weary and desperate line up near the dusty road, waiting for the chance to collect what they need to survive. For weeks they have journeyed to reach this place, living in constant fear of violence. They bore children upon their backs and carried their meagre belongings on their heads or in their arms.

Middle East

9. Ministers from the Horn of Africa and Yemen meet to address challenges of massive migration

Siam Daily news December 17 2011 - Ministers from the Horn of Africa and Yemen met in Addis Ababa at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa on 13th December for two days to deliberate on ways to address the massive migration in the region

10. Growing Fear at Plight of Stranded Ethiopian Migrants in Yemen as Funds to Assist Them Run Out

International Organization for Migration December 20 2011
Yemen - There is growing concern and fear at IOM over the fate of many thousands of Ethiopian migrants stranded for several months in northern Yemen in desperate conditions as funds run out to assist the most vulnerable among them.

11. U.N. urges halt to killings in Yemen, access for aid

Reuters Africa December 6, 2011 - The United Nations called on all factions in Yemen on Tuesday to cease attacks on civilians and urged the government to allow access for aid supplies and U.N. human rights monitors.

12. IOM appeal

UN Radion December 20 2011 - IOM has made an urgent appeal to donors for $2.6 million which would allow it to help 6,000 Ethiopians, many of them unaccompanied minors and women currently in a horrific situation.

South Africa

13. "Big Three" polluters oppose binding climate deal

Reuters December 6, 2011
DURBAN, South Africa (Reuters) - The world's three biggest polluters China, the United States and India refused to move toward a new legal commitment to curb their carbon emissions Tuesday, increasing the risk that climate talks will fail to clinch a meaningful deal this week.

14. Health care: Migrants dilemma in South Africa

The Herald December 21 2011 - Opinion:  Johanesburg
While most nations are dependent to some extent on the world's 214 million migrants for skills and labour, few ensure these migrants have access to their health systems, something that could have dire public health consequences, according to the International Organisation for Migration.


15. Urgent Action Needed Before Major U.S. Remittance Lifeline Is Cut To Famine-Stricken Somalia

American Refugee Committee International December 23 2011
Thousands of Somalis – many in need of urgent lifesaving assistance – face a potential cut-off of aid from abroad from family members as a U.S. bank plans to close money-wiring services later this month, the humanitarian non-profits Oxfam America and the American Refugee Committee said today.



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