Media Listing September 2011

Horn of Africa and Yemen

1. Analysis: Mixed responses to mixed migration in Africa

28 September 2011 (IRINNews ) - Abdul worked as a journalist in Somalia before death threats from Al-Shabab militia drove him to leave his native country and head for Mozambique where friends told him he would receive help at Maratane refugee camp in NampulaProvince.

2. HORN OF AFRICA: Fast facts about the drought

5 August 2011 (IRINNews) - The Horn of Africa is facing what has been called the worst drought in 60 years, with an estimated 12.4 million people urgently needing food. Here are some points about the ongoing food crisis:

3. More than 3000 Ethiopian migrants stuck on Yemeni-Saudi border

20 Sep 2011(Alertnet news) - One of the poorest Arab countries, Yemen hosts hundreds of thousandsof refugees and migrants from the Horn of Africa.

North Africa and Sahel

4. LIBYA: Sub-Saharan migrants keep their heads down

20 September 2011 (IRINNews) - In an abandoned port on the outskirts of Tripoli, a young woman timidly peeks out from behind the blanket that forms a wall in her improvised home. She is one of hundreds of migrants who have gathered in this makeshift camp since a popular uprising to overthrow dictator Muammar Gaddafi spread to the Libyan capital in August.

5. CHAD-NIGER: Lean season awaits migrants escaping Libya

20 September 2011 (IRINNews) - While the world’s politicians conjure up fears of a “tsunami of migrants” flooding Europe, in reality it is Libya’s economically vulnerable and chronically food-insecure neighbours Niger and Chad that are struggling to cope with an influx of returning migrants, says spokesperson of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Jean Philippe Chauzy.

Southern Africa

6. MOZAMBIQUE/TANZANIA: Horn migrants beaten, deported, imprisoned

19 September 2011 (IRIN news ) - Near the coastal town of Mtwara, Tanzania’s border with Mozambique is marked only by the River Ruvuma which is wide and relatively shallow at this point just before it drains into the Indian Ocean. Young men loll in small, wooden boats checking their cell phones and waiting for passengers to ferry across to the other side, but business has been slow in the last two months since groups of migrants desperate to complete a journey that began thousands of kilometres to the north stopped arriving at the river’s banks.



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