Media Listing March 2016


Now or never: Trump's 'wall' talk sparks migrant rush on U.S.-Mexico border: According to this article, the anti-immigrant tone of leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is partly behind an increase in the number of Mexican and Central American migrants trying to enter the US. Tighter immigration controls are anticipated if a Republican wins the election to be held in November 2016. (Reuters – 01/03/2016)

Ban says Europe's border restrictions not in line with international law 'or human decency': During a press conference held in Spain, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed increased border controls in some European countries saying, “[…] restrictions are not in line with international law or with common human decency. Every asylum seeker has the right to have his or her application considered individually”(UN News Centre – 01/03/2016)

Hunger soars in CAR as nearly 2.5 million face food shortages: According to WFP, nearly 2.5 million people in Central Africa Republic are food insecure following a three year internal conflict that has displaced nearly one million people from their homes. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 02/03/2016)

UNHCR sets out detailed plan to solve refugee situation in Europe: Ahead of a key meeting between EU leaders and Turkey, UNHCR sets out a six-point plan to address the refugee crisis. "There is really no other option than working together to solve this," said High Commissioner Grandi. (UNHCR - 04/03/2016)

WFP says 16 million face hunger in southern Africa, emergency looms: WFP announce that almost 16 million people in southern Africa face hunger as a result of a drought induced by El-Nino. According to the agency, the number could climb to almost 50 million. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 04/03/2016) 

To the land of good hope - African migrants head south as well as north: This article highlights the plight of African migrants who opt for a less risky and cheaper journey (compared to northward route to Europe) to South Africa in search of better opportunities. Migrants experience various forms of abuse during the journey and in South Africa such as bribes extortion, detention and xenophobic attacks. (The Economist – 05/03/2016) 

Turkey detains refugee smugglers, stops 120 Syrians from sailing to Greece: Turkish authorities detain two suspected migrant smugglers after foiling an attempt by some 120 Syrian refugees trying to cross the Aegean Sea to Greek Island of Lesbos. (Thomson Reuters Foundation -05/03/2016) 

Boat sinks off Turkish coast, at least 18 migrants drown: Turkish coastguard rescue 15 people and recover 18 bodies off the Turkish coast after their boat sank en route Greece. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 06/03/2016)

The Royal Navy must turn the migrant boats back, even if that puts lives at risk: In this opinion article, the author argues that the only “truly” humanitarian solution to Europe’s migration crisis is to enable migrants to return home or closer home. Using Australia as an example, the author concludes that EU naval ships should intercept and return migrant boats to defeat smugglers and deter migrants. (The Telegraph – 07/03/2016)

UNHCR's reaction to Statement of the EU Heads of State and Government of Turkey, 7 March: UNHCR expresses concern over some aspects of the EU-Turkey deal on stemming the flow of migrants stating that the agency “is not a party to it nor privy to all the details and modalities of implementation.”(UNHCR – 08/03/2016) 

Canada: Government raises its target for admitting political refugees: According to this article, Canada will raise its target for admitting political refugees this year to 55,800 after achieving its initial target of admitting 25,000 Syrian refugees in February 2016. (New York Times – 08/03/2016)

More refugees leave Cambodia, further straining $55m deal with Australia: Australia’s refugee resettlement deal with Cambodia worth $55 million suffers a blow as more refugees transferred to Cambodia under the deal abandon the country leaving only two resettled refugees. Human rights groups have criticized the deal citing Cambodia’s poor track record of integrating refugees and human rights abuse. (The Guardian – 08/03/2016) 

U.S. continues to deport Central American migrants: Up to 336 migrants from Central America are set to be deported as part of an operation dubbed “Operation Border Guardian” launched in January 2016. The operation is aimed at deterring illegal border crossings. (New York Times – 09/03/2016)

5 dead, including baby, in fresh migrant sinking off Turkey: Turkish coastguard rescue nine migrants while another five drown after a boat carrying the migrants sank off the Turkish coast. (Asia One – 10/03/2016)

Iran rejects suggestions thousands of failed asylum seekers could be returned: Iranian government indicate that it has no intention of accepting up to 9,000 failed Iranian asylum seekers if forcibly returned from Australia. (Sydney Morning Herald – 11/03/2016)

Refugee and migrant children are becoming a lost generation: Noting the increasing number of migrant children arriving in Europe, UNICEF calls on European governments to prioritize protection for the children. More than a third of those on Europe’s shores are reportedly children. (UNICEF – 11/03/2016)  

Q&A: How closed borders detour migrant routes: This Q&A article by ICMPD explores the impact of border closures on stemming the flow of migrants to EU. The article concludes that border controls can slow down migration flows but will not stop them as migrants are expected to continue travelling to EU on different paths. In addition, border controls are likely to put people smugglers back into business. (ICMPD – 15/03/2016) 

A three-point solution to the migrant crisis: In this opinion article, Jeffrey Sachs proposes three approaches to address the migrant crisis. These include stopping conflicts and promoting long-term economic development in origin countries, and adjusting global migration policies. (Boston Globe – 15/03/2016)

Million displaced Pakistanis face tough choices before going home: Following a crackdown on Islamist militants in northwest region of Pakistan, an estimated one million displaced people are yet to return home owing to aid shortfalls, ruined infrastructure and lingering risk of attacks by the militants. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 16/03/2016) 

India, Bahrain agree on action to curb human trafficking, help victims: According to this article, a memorandum of understanding is set to be signed by governments of India and Bahrain to curb human trafficking and enhance cooperation on rescue and repatriation of victims. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 10/03/2016)

Kuwait deports 714 Nepali migrants: According to this article, Kuwaiti government has deported 714 Nepali migrants since January 2016 for non-compliance with the residence and labour laws. (Kathmandu Post – 21/03/2016)

Over 230,000 Colombian children uprooted by war despite peace talks - UNICEF: UNICEF announces that more than 230,000 Colombian children have been displaced since peace talks between the government and rebels began three years ago. The agency appealed for material and psychological support for the displaced children. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 21/03/2016) 

Congo ex-vice president guilty in landmark ICC war rape ruling: In a landmark ruling, the ICC finds DRC’s former vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba responsible for a campaign of rape and murder in Central Africa Republic in 2002 and 2003. Bemba failed to restrain his MLC soldiers who committed the war crimes.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 21/03/2016) 

Amnesty: Turkey deports 30 Afghan asylum seekers after EU deal: Amnesty International warns that the EU-Turkey migrant deal is likely to endanger refugees after Turkey deported 30 Afghan asylum-seekers to Afghanistan. (Europe Online – 23/03/2016)

Bali Declaration on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and related Transnational Crime: The declaration is adopted during the sixth ministerial conference on the Bali Process held on 23 March 2016 in Bali, Indonesia. The declaration is aimed at reinforcing States commitments to tackle irregular migration within and outside the Asia Pacific region. (Republic of Indonesia – 23/03/2016)


EU migrant crisis: French police move in to dismantle Calais camp; Greece-Macedonia border fence stormed: French security forces clash with asylum seekers as authorities began dismantling makeshift shelters in Calais camp. Elsewhere, security forces clash with migrants on the Greece-Macedonia border following protests in which an estimated 300 people reportedly stormed through the border fence into Macedonia. (ABC News – 01/03/2016) 

UNHCR warns of imminent humanitarian crisis in Greece amid disarray in Europe over asylum: In a press statement, UNHCR warns that Europe is on the verge of a largely self-induced humanitarian crisis following an increase in the number of migrants and asylum seekers stuck in Greece as European countries impose new border restrictions. (UNHCR Press – 01/03/2016) 

'Don't come to Europe' Austria takes out ADVERTS begging Afghan migrants to stay at home: In an attempt to deter Afghan migrants, Austrian authorities announce it will conduct a massive advertising drive in Afghanistan detailing the strict asylum laws in Austria. (Express UK– 01/03/2016)

Going round in circles: Europe's 10 migration dilemmas: In this opinion article, the author outlines 10 political dilemmas that have had EU governments going in circles without a solution to the migration crisis. These include sending back, fending off, or locking up migrants among others. (Daily Mail – 02/03/2014)

EU unveils 700-mn-euro migrant aid plan for Greece: According to this article, EU is set to launch 700 million euros emergency fund to help Greece and other EU countries tackle the influx of migrants within their borders. (Yahoo News – 03/03/2016) 

EU efforts to combat people smuggling 'pushing traffickers to use weaker boats': A top EU military general indicates that EU’s naval mission to combat migrant smugglers in the Mediterranean has driven smugglers to “amend their business model” by increasingly using cheaper, smaller and less seaworthy rubber boats imported from China to avoid huge financial loss if sunk. (The Independent – 03/03/2016)

'Don't come to Europe, it's not worth the money' EU President tells economic migrants: Speaking during a press conference in Athens, EU Council president Donald Tusk warns potential economic migrants not to come to Europe. "[…] do not come to Europe. Do not believe the smugglers. Do not risk your lives and your money. It is all for nothing”, he said. (Express UK – 04/03/2016)

EU refugee crisis: asylum seeker numbers double to 1.2m in 2015: According to Eurostat, the number of people applying for asylum in EU more than doubled reaching a record 1.26 million. Syrians accounted for almost a third, followed by Afghans and Iraqis. (The Guardian – 04/03/2016)

Turkey agrees to take back failed asylum seekers who try to settle in Europe following new deal with Brussels: EU and Turkey agree on a deal that will see all non-Syrian economic migrants sent back to Turkey immediately they reach Greek shores. In return, EU will disburse the first 95 million euro from a three billion euro fund meant to help Turkey cope with 2.5million Syrian migrants in the country. (Daily Mail – 05/03/2016)

Asylum seekers must now prove they come from warzones to enter Macedonia – Greek police: Macedonian authorities introduce new asylum restrictions that will require asylum seekers to provide proof that they are coming from warzones before being allowed to enter the country for further transit into EU. (RT News – 06/03/2016)

Worried over refugees, Baltics begin to erect border fences: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania tighten their border controls including erecting fences on their eastern borders over fears that the Baltic region will become a new entry point for migrants as the route through the Balkans becomes harder. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 08/03/2016)

EU/Turkey: Mass, fast-track returns threaten rights: Human Rights Watch criticizes the EU-Turkey deal aimed at stemming the flow of migrants from Turkey to Greece, arguing that it contradicts EU principles guaranteeing the right to seek asylum and against collective expulsions. (Human Rights Watch – 08/03/2016)

EU-Turkey refugee deal – Q&A: This article explores the EU-Turkey refugee deal also referred to as “one in, one out deal” highlighting some of the legal and practical problems likely to hinder its successful implementation. 
(The Guardian – 08/03/2016)

Unaccompanied minors at most risk as refugees amass at EU borders: This article highlights the plight of children and in particular unaccompanied minors making perilous journey from their homelands to seek refuge in Europe. Children now account for more than a third of migrants arriving in Europe. (France 24 – 09/03/2016)

One in four asylum seekers in 2016 from safe countries – IND: According to this article, a quarter of all asylum seekers arriving in Netherlands in 2016 came from a country considered safe by Dutch’s immigration agency. Following recent changes to asylum regulations, individuals from safe countries can still claim asylum but need to show that their personal safety is in danger. (Dutch News – 14/03/2016) 

Macedonia returns migrants to Greece, Cyprus objects to EU-Turkey deal: Macedonia sends back about 1,500 migrants and refugees back to Greece after they forced their way across the border. This comes as Cyprus vows to block efforts to speed up Turkey’s EU accession. (Reuters – 16/03/2016) 

Italy rescues 2,500 migrants over 2 days: Italy’s coastguard rescue an estimated 2,500 people and recover three bodies in operations conducted over a period of two days. A surge in migrant crossings and smuggling activity between North Africa and Italy is expected owing to warmer weather, calm seas and a crackdown on irregular migrants on the East Mediterranean route. (Telegram – 16/03/2016) 

MEPs want EU embassies and consulates to grant asylum seekers humanitarian visas: The Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament vote in favour of a proposal to allow EU embassies and consulates to issue humanitarian visas to persons seeking international protection. According to the legislators, this will facilitate safe and legitimate travel to the EU and dissuade migrant smuggling. (European Parliament News – 16/03/2016) 

EU wasted millions on migrant crisis - auditors: The European Court of Auditors (ECA) conclude that EU achieved limited impact on projects aimed at tackling migrant crisis between 2007 and 2013 in Southern Mediterranean and Eastern Neighbourhood countries. Projects were found to have weak financial management, whereas migrants’ human rights were rarely observed. (Sputnik News – 18/03/2016)

European Union reaches deal with Turkey to return new asylum seekers: EU strikes a deal with Turkey aimed at deterring irregular migration. Under this deal, EU will resettle one Syrian from a camp in Turkey in exchange for each Syrian who used an irregular route to Greece. (New York Times – 18/03/2016) 

Exclusive – EU fears new surge of migrants from Libya, plans mission: letter: In a letter seen by Reuters, EU’s foreign chief warns that there are nearly half a million IDPs and refugees in Libya who could potentially migrate to Europe unless action is taken to boost Libya’s police, border forces and counter-terrorism operations. (Euronews – 18/03/2016)

Italy rescues 910 boat migrants, nearly 600 saved off Libya: Italian coastguard rescue 900 migrants in separate operations in the Strait of Sicily as Libyan authorities also announce they’ve rescued nearly 600 migrants off the coast of western Libya. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 19/03/2016)

Attacks against refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are unacceptable, European human rights bodies say: Europe’s intergovernmental human rights institutions calls for a strong response to xenophobic attacks against migrants, asylum seekers and refugees urging governments to uphold their international obligations. (The Sofia Globe – 21/03/2016)

UNHCR says it won't work in Greek 'detention centres' in swipe at EU-Turkey deal: UNHCR takes a swipe at the EU-Turkey deal, saying it would no longer assist in the transfer of migrants and refugees arriving in Greece to hotspots or what the agency terms as “detention centers”. The agency argues that the deal is prematurely being implemented without the required safeguards. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 22/03/2016) 

Italian coastguard rescues 14 migrants from Mediterranean: Italian coastguard rescue 14 migrants reportedly all men of Afghan and Pakistani origin, from the Mediterranean Sea. (IBT – 25/03/2016) 

Migrant arrivals to Greece slow to a trickle: According to this article, the number of migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey has significantly plummeted following the agreement between EU and Turkey aimed at stemming the flow of migrants. (DW – 26/03/2016)

Italy reports upsurge in migrants crossing from Libya: Italian coastguard rescue 1,482 migrants off the Libyan coast over a period of two days warning of an upsurge in the number of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Italy. (EU Observer – 29/03/2016)

Number of Burundian refugees tops 250,000 since April 2015: UNHCR latest figures indicate that 250,473 Burundian refugees have been registered in neighbouring countries since April 2015 of which 12,186 in DRC; 73,926 in Rwanda; 131,834 in Tanzania; 22,330 in Uganda; and 1,197 in Zambia. (
UNHCR – 04/03/2016)

Egypt's mission in Damascus helps to repatriate 7 citizens home: Egyptian authorities in collaboration with IOM facilitate the return of seven Egyptian citizens stuck in Damascus, Syria. In February 2016, another 14 Egyptian citizens were assisted to return home. 
(Ahram online – 09/03/2016)

'Smuggled Syrians stopped at Sudan border'- Egyptian Media: Egyptian border forces stop 45 Syrians planning to cross the border into Sudan. The Syrians had reportedly been abandoned by people smugglers in a desert area west of Marsa Alam. According to UNHCR, there are about 120,000 Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in Egypt since conflict erupted. (All Africa – 15/03/2016)

Egypt concerned about Turkey-EU agreement on refugees, foreign ministry says: In a press statement, Egypt expresses concern over the agreement between Turkey and EU aimed at addressing irregular migration, terming it as “a contradiction to treaties and principles of international law” (SIS Egypt – 24/03/2016) 

Egypt’s youth and the pull to migrate: This article highlights the situation of Egyptian youth and possible reasons why they are likely to or are migrating from the country. Two-thirds of the country’s population is under 30 years of age and the unemployment rate is about 42% for 15-24 year olds. (Atlantic Council – 28/03/2016)

At least four die, 127 rescued as migrant boat sinks in Mediterranean: Egyptian coastguard rescue 127 migrants after the vessel they were travelling on sank off the coast of Egypt. Four bodies were recovered.(Sputnik News – 31/03/2016)


Ethiopia to increase emergency drought appeal as hunger spreads: Ethiopian government and aid agencies issue a joint appeal of USD 1.4 billion to provide assistance to more than 10 million people hit the country’s worst drought in 50 years. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/03/2016)

Eritrean conscripts are not slaves: According to this article, Eritrean authorities confirm that the compulsory National Service will remain without fundamental change however the government is planning to raise the monthly wage roughly estimated to be USD 10. The conscription policy has been cited as the primary push factor by Eritreans fleeing the country. The UN estimates as many as 5,000 people leave the country each month. 
(Geeska Africa – 07/03/2016)

Statement by Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth, Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Eritrea: In a statement to the Human Rights Council, the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Eritrea expresses concern on the number of unaccompanied Eritrean children crossing international borders, the root causes and protection needs of the children. (OHCHR – 14/03/2016)

Supreme Court strikes ‘Rwanda’ from transcript on migrants and transparency: Israel’s Supreme Court deletes the word ‘Rwanda’ from the transcript of an ongoing hearing in which Israel’s pro-migrant groups have appealed against state’s policy of imprisoning migrants denied asylum indefinitely if they refuse self-deportation to an unnamed third country. 
(The Jerusalem Post – 16/03/2016) 

Ethiopian Israelis protest after migrant plan nixed: Ethiopian Israelis protest in Jerusalem after Israel cancelled plans to allow the immigration of about 9,100 Ethiopians, descendants of Ethiopian Jews, citing budgetary constraints. (News24 – 20/03/2016)


23 Ethiopian immigrants arrested in Nairobi as angry residents accuse them of crime: Police in Nairobi rescue and detain 23 Ethiopian migrants accused by residents of being criminals. According to the police, the migrants will be charged in court for unlawful presence in the country. (Daily Nation – 09/03/2016) 

114 illegal immigrants from various countries arrested in police operation in Nairobi: Kenyan police detain 114 individuals from various countries including Nigeria and Ethiopia for allegedly being in the country illegally. Police indicated that a crackdown on illegal migrants in Nairobi was on-going. (Standard – 10/03/2016)olice officers arrested in Marsabit for human trafficking: Three police officers are arrested in Marsabit County in Kenya for allegedly facilitating the movement of 23 Ethiopian migrants from the border town to Nairobi. (Daily Nation – 12/03/2016) 

Court fines 18 Ethiopians illegally in Kenya Sh30, 000 each: A court in Marsabit County in Kenya fines 18 Ethiopians migrants Ksh. 30,000 or a jail term of three months for being in the country illegally. The migrants were arrested at a Marsabit-Moyale roadblock in a Nairobi-bound lorry. (Daily Nation – 14/03/2016) 

Human trafficking rife among displaced Kenyans, charity researchers say: According to a research conducted by HAART, an anti-trafficking agency, more than one in four internally displaced persons surveyed in Kenya, has been a victim or witness of human trafficking. Researchers found out that the 2007/08 post-election IDPs were most at risk than people displaced by other causes such as environmental disasters. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 22/03/2016)

IOM helps 172 stranded Nigerian migrants to return home from Libya: IOM in collaboration with Nigerian and Libyan authorities assist 172 stranded Nigerian migrants to return home from Libya. Most of the migrants were detained as they tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. 
(IOM Press – 11/03/2016) 

Tens of drowned bodies found off Libyan shores: Libyan coastguard find tens of drowned bodies of migrants reportedly from Eritrea and Niger, off Al-Garaboulli shores, in eastern Tripoli. (The Libya Observer – 26/03/2016) 

Libya coastguard stops 600 migrants crossing to Europe: Libyan coastguard stop three boats carrying an estimated 600 African migrants off the coast of Sabratha, in western Tripoli. (Yahoo News – 27/03/2016) 

An open secret: The people-smugglers of southern Libya: This article provides an insight into the people smuggling industry along the Saharan route between Niger and Libya. Up to 2,000 migrants are crossing into Libya en route Italy every week. (Middle East Eye – 30/03/2016)

Dozens feared missing after migrant boat sinks off Libya: Libyan coastguard rescue 32 migrants from a boat that sank off the Libyan coast as dozens are feared to have drowned. More than 16,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy in the first three months of 2016. (Reuters – 30/03/2016)

Libyan unity government starts work from 'secured' Tripoli naval base: Libya’s UN backed unity government arrives in Tripoli and holds meetings with political supporters, local leaders and businessman as it seeks to secure state institutions in the capital. Western leaders hope the unity government will restore security, oil production and stem migrant flows from Libya to Europe. (Yahoo News – 31/03/2016)

Female refugees are being forced to sell sex to survive southern Africa’s drought: This article by VICE highlight the plight of female refugees in Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi who are pushed to engage in “transactional sex” or “survival sex” to survive as aid agencies cut food rations due to shortage of funds.
(VICE News – 08/03/2016) 

Malawi to reopen former refugee camp as Mozambicans flee violence: UNHCR announces that a former refugee camp in Malawi will be reopened to cope with an influx of Mozambicans fleeing worsening conflict in their country. An estimated 11,500 Mozambicans refugees have crossed into Malawi since December 2015. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/03/2016)

Somalia: Puntland president declares drought emergency: President of Somalia’s Puntland government declares a state of drought emergency which has been induced by El-Nino. An estimated 1.2 million people in rural areas are reportedly food insecure. 
(Garowe Online – 05/02/2016)

South Sudan
U.N. official says at least 50,000 dead in South Sudan war: Speaking on condition of anonymity, a senior UN official says at least 50,000 people have been killed in South Sudan’s civil war which started in December 2013. The official was sceptic of the August peace deal implementation owing to continued conflicts in some parts of the country. 
(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 03/03/2016)

South Sudan: Army abuses spread west: Human Rights Watch warn of expanded fighting between South Sudanese government forces and rebel groups in the Western Equatorial region calling on the AU to form a hybrid court to try war crimes as well as the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo on all forces to help halt abuses against civilians. (Human Rights Watch – 06/03/2016)

Sudan and Norway agree on partnership to tackle illegal migration: According to this article, Sudan and Norway agree to form a partnership to combat illegal migration, terrorism and human trafficking through Sudan. Sudanese security forces have been accused of being involved in human trafficking in the country’s eastern states. 
(Star Africa – 09/03/2016)

Sudan threatens to close border with South Sudan again: Sudanese government threatens to close its recently opened border with South Sudan accusing the latter of supporting rebel groups in its Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan regions. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 17/03/2016)

Uganda tightens foreign adoption rules to thwart child trafficking: Uganda’s parliament pass a bill that restricts fast-track foreign adoption to prevent child trafficking. According to the new law, foreigners seeking to adopt children will be required to live continuously in the country for at least one year while inter-country adoption will only be permitted where a child has no known relatives, legal guardians or foster parents. 
(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 04/03/2016)

IOM, UNHCR joint statement on Yemen crisis: In a joint press statement, IOM and UNHCR express concern over the conflict in Yemen in which 2.4 million people have been internally displaced. Noting the increasingly dire humanitarian and socio-economic conditions, the agencies warned the situation is likely to get worse. 
(IOM Press – 08/03/2016)

IOM evacuates 250 most vulnerable Ethiopian migrants from Yemen: IOM resumes its evacuation operations in Yemen providing repatriation assistance to 250 Ethiopian migrants stranded in Yemen. In 2015, IOM assisted over 13, 000 stranded migrants in Yemen to return home. (IOM Press – 15/03/2016)

IOM evacuates Ethiopian migrants from war-torn Yemen: IOM provides repatriation assistance to 485 Ethiopian migrants stranded in Yemen. The group includes 122 women, 261 men, 101 unaccompanied minors and one child. (IOM Press – 29/03/2016)

Zimbabwe says up to 4 million need food aid after drought: An El-Nino induced drought leaves up to 4 million people in Zimbabwe vulnerable and in need of food assistance. 
(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/03/2016) 

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