Media Listing January 2014


After Saudi Arabian exodus, Ethiopia sees new migrant influx from South Sudan: As the number of Ethiopian returnees from Saudi Arabia passes 156,000, Ethiopia has been hit with another influx of migrants – this time from the neighboring South Sudan. Following the fighting which broke out in the Southern Sudan capital of Juba on 15th December 2013, thousands have started to migrate to neighboring Ethiopia. (IOM Press Room – 28/01/14)

28,100 South Sudanese refugees cross into Ethiopia: (OCHA South Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin -27/01/14)


Lampedusa sea disaster survivors released after UN condemns 'detention': Eritrean asylum seekers who survived disaster at sea only to be held in a reception centre on Lampedusa for more than 100 days have finally left the Italian island, with the UN condemning their extended stay as "not understandable and not acceptable". (The Guardian – 13/01/14)

Women and child dead in Greek pushback of migrants: Boat en route from Turkey to Greece capsized off the coast of Greece, while being towed by a Coast Guard. The accident left a woman and child dead, as well as 10 other people missing. The boat was carrying Afghans and Syrians. (Malta Today - 22/01/14)

Greece holds investigation into migrants' drowning: Greek judicial authorities said Thursday they are investigating the deadly sinking of a migrant boat that was being towed by a coast guard vessel, as officials denied survivors' claims that officers badly mishandled the operation. (Associated Press - 23/01/14)

12 refugees die during alleged push-back operation off Greek island - Nine children and three women died when their vessel sank near a Greek island early Monday morning while being towed by the Greek Coast Guard. According to the survivors, the Greek coast guard vessel was towing the boat toward the Turkish coast at high speed when the boat capsized. (European Council on Refugees and Exiles – 22/01/14) Migrants saved in Greek boat accident mourn relatives – and dispute claims: (The Guardian – 27/01/14)

Migrants sew mouths shut in protest of the length of their detention in Italy: Thirteen Moroccan migrants held in a reception center in Rome for more than two months have sewed their mouths shut in protest at the length of their detention (Reuters - 26/01/14)

Migrants risking lives in Mediterranean topped 45,000 in 2013: Over 45,000 migrants risked their lives in the Mediterranean to reach Italy and Malta in 2013. The arrivals are the highest since 2008, with the exception of 2011 - the year of the Libyan crisis. (IOM Press Room – 28/01/14)


NGO supports High Court, Sa'ar decision rejecting freeze of state's migrant policy : The Israeli Immigration Policy Center on Thursday expressed support for the High Court of Justice’s decision to reject a request by pro-migrant rights groups’ to temporarily freeze the state’s new African migrant policy before it is fully implemented. (Jerusalem Post 02/01/14)

Israel pushes for African migrant deportation: African asylum seekers say Israeli efforts to repatriate them violate their human rights. (Al Jazeera – 1/01/14)

 Rush to renew visas after increased arrests of African migrants - Hundreds of African migrants gathered outside the Interior Ministry offices in Tel Aviv on Thursday, in a scramble to renew their one- and two-month condition release visas in order to not find themselves arrested and sent to detention facilities in the South. (Jerusalem Post - 02/01/14)

Egyptian security detains 11 migrants near border with Israel: Egyptian security reportedly detain 11 African migrants near border who paid smugglers $2000 to cross them into Israel (Ma’an News Agency  -19/01/14)

Israel grants asylum to two Eritreans amid migrant protests: Israel has granted political asylum to two Eritreans, its Interior Ministry said on Sunday, amid protests by thousands of other African migrants who accuse the Jewish state of denying them consideration as refugees. (Reuters - 26/01/14)

Israeli court prohibits the deportation of African asylum-seeker & family pending status determination: A Tel Aviv District Court prohibited the state from deporting four African migrants until 45 days from when it decides the refugee status of a fifth migrant, a Sudanese man. The other four African migrants, whom Israeli state consider deportable, are living together with the fifth migrant as a family (Jerusalem Post - 28/01/14)

Sa’ar: Hundreds of migrants returned home in Jan: Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar reports that over the course of January, 773 African migrants willfully returned to their home countries, agreeing to leave Israel and taking a $3,500 stipend each. (Jerusalem Post - 29/01/14)

African migrants in Israel asked to leave the country — or report to a detention center: Migrants in an irregular situation are required to leave Israel or report to a detention center located in the Negev desert. The migrants call the centre a concentration camp. (Global Post - 30/01/14) 



Kenya: Explosion At Dadaab Camp Misses Aid Workers' Convoy : A group of aid workers and their police escort narrowly escaped death this morning following an explosion at IFO 1 camp at Dadaab refugee camp. (The Star – 8/01/14)

Cabinet secretary of interior Joseph Ole Lenku issues stern warning to refugees: Cabinet secretary Joseph Ole Lenku has sounded a stern warning to refugees living in the Dadaab refugee camp. Ole Lenku says that if the refugees continue to pose a threat to national security, then the Kenyan government will take over and fast track the repatriation process. The cabinet secretary was speaking in relation to a recent incident where a police vehicle ran over an improvised explosive device in Dabaab. (Standard Media – 9/01/14)

MP Dahiye calls for increased security in Dadaab camps : Dadaab MP Mohamed Dahiye has today  called on the government to enhance its surveillance in the refugee camps in the area  to end the insecurity currently being experienced in the camp -(The Star – 9/01/14)

Kenyan parliamentary committee faults immigration department for terror incidents : A Kenyan parliamentary committee tasked with looking into last year's terrorist attacks wants the Department of Immigration Services, the Department of Registration of Persons, and the Department of Refugee Affiars held accountable for their "systemic failure" in vetting people entering the country. (Sahabi – 22/01/14)


Somalis begin returning home: Thousands of Somali refugees have started returning to their country. The refugees from Dadaab said they were returning voluntarily following a reduction of food supplies at the camp and resumption of normalcy in parts of their country following the Kenya Defence Forces intervention (Nation Media – 26/01/14)

Kenya: Urgent Need for New Refugee Affairs Boss : The appointment of the soon to be known new Commissioner for Refugee Affairs will mark a turning point not only for security of Kenyans but also refugees (The Star – 31/01/14)

Somali refugees’ return home gets off to a slow start : The ongoing repatriation of refugees from the Dadaab Refugee Camp is recording slow progress amid reluctance by most immigrants to return home. (Standard Media – 31/01/14) 

High Court order quashing government directive ordering urban refugees to return to camps:

AU lauds Kenya judiciary for quashing refugee ejection: The Kenya High Court's decision to quash the Government’s directive requiring all urban refugees to return to refugee camps is highlighted by the African Commission on Human & People's Rights as one of the human rights successes of 2013. (The Star – 27/01/14)

Irregular migrants:

Illegal immigrants deported after jail terms: 64 illegal immigrants who were serving a three month jail term in Kwale have been deported. The group consisted of 61 Ethiopians, 2 Somalis and a Nigerian. Coast Senior Principal Immigration Officer said the foreigners were arrested as they tried to smuggle their way into Tanzania, their final destination was South Africa. (Saturday Nation Newspaper Print – 25/01/14)

South Sudan crisis:

Kenya stands to lose big if peace proves elusive in South Sudan: Wary of loss of investments by its nationals and the influx of refugees into the country, Kenya has taken a leading role in preventing South Sudan violence from spiralling into a full-blown civil war by leading the mediation talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Nation News – 4/01/14)

Police intercept South Sudan refugees: Police in Nakuru are holding several South Sudanese refugees who arrived in the town yesterday aboard a Nairobi-bound bus. They entered the country through an undisclosed border point and proceeded to Kakuma camp. Because they found life in the camp unbearable they proceeded to Nakuru where they were intercepted. (Standard Media - 17/01/14)

S Sudan's 'lost children' flee to Kenya: Aid workers say as much as 80 percent of refugees crossing into neighbouring Kenya are children. (Al Jazeera - 17/01/14)

21 Measles cases detected on Sudanese refugees in Turkana: Six new measles cases have been detected at Lopiding sub-district hospital in Turkana County. A source at the institution said new cases of measles infection were detected on Sudanase refugees fleeing fighting in South Sudan. The officer said they are currently treating 21 patients suffering from the highly infectious disease (Standard Media – 18/01/14)

Measles case refugees isolated: More than 20 South Sudanese have been admitted to Lokichoggio sub-county hospital with signs of measles. Eighteen of them are in an isolation ward. A doctor working in the area reports that the influx of refugees to the camp is causing a strain on available resources, including medical care and water. (Nation Media – 20/01/14)

1000 South Sudan refugees denied entry into Kenya:  Kenya immigration officials reportedly deny 1000 South Sudanese refugees entry into Kenya because camps are overstretched (NTV Uganda – 19/01/14)

Kakuma Refugees: The Majority are Children: Camp Coordinator for the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) at Kakuma Refugee Camp states that the vast majority of those arriving are women, children and the elderly.  The men he explains, are fighting in the war, have been killed or, in the case of young men, have been conscripted by one side or the other in the conflict. (Anglican Communion News Service - 22/01/14)

MSF Provides Care for South Sudanese Refugees in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia: MSF has sent emergency teams to provide medical and humanitarian aid to South Sudanese refugees in the surrounding countries, each of which has its own challenges to overcome. Among other diseases/conditons, MSF is treating malaria, diarrhea, respiratory tract infections, dehydration, malnutrition and measles (MSF News - 23/01/14)

South Sudanese refugees arrive in Kakuma Refugee Camp in droves: Before the current crisis in Southern Sudan, the registered number of refugees at Kakuma was 128, 730. Now with almost over 138,000 refugees, it is soon approaching the maximum holding capacity of 150,000 individuals. (Standard News - 27/01/14)

Approximately 12,200 South Sudanese refugees cross into Kenya :( OCHA South Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin -27/01/14)

Over 13,000 South Sudanese refugees cross into Kenya: The Kenyan Red Cross Society said that it has registered over 13,064 South Sudanese refugees at Kakuma camp with about 100 new arrivals daily (Shanghai Daily – 31/01/14).


UN agency urges continued protection for asylum-seekers from southern, central Somalia : UNHCR said it has released updated guidelines on the needs of people fleeing southern and central Somalia that underscore the need for Governments to assess applications for protection on the basis of reliable, up-to-date information about the situation in Mogadishu and other areas. (UN News Centre - 28/01/14) 


Security: 'Thousands of South Sudanese refugees enter Sudan' : Sudan's Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Suleiman Abdul Rahman Suleiman said the number of refugees from South Sudan has reached 8,124, out of whom 7,000 are in the White Nile State while others are in temporary camps in West and South Kordufan and the Blue Nile. (Afrique en Ligue  - 24/01/14) 

22,200 South Sudanese refugees cross into Sudan :( OCHA South Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin -27/01/14)


Uganda: South Sudan conflict leaves women and children to cope as refugees : Women and children make up the vast majority of the nearly 50,000 people who have fled fighting in South Sudan to become refugees in neighbouring Uganda. (UNHCR News - 17/01/14) 

 Measles Reported Among South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda: UNHCR is starting a mass immunization campaign to contain the spread of measles among South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda.  The Ugandan Ministry of Health confirms an outbreak of this killer disease among the more than 59,000 South Sudanese who crossed the border since fighting erupted across South Sudan last month (Voice of America - 24/01/14)

60,900 South Sudanese Refugees cross into Uganda: (OCHA South Sudan Humanitarian Bulletin -27/01/14)

Uganda overwhelmed as total number of refugees in the country reach 317,000:  The Ugandan government is overwhelmed by the influx of refugees as the number of refugees in the country has reached 317000. The Disaster Preparedness Minister Musa Ecweru indicated that most of the refugees are coming from DRC Congo and South Sudan. (New Vision – 31/01/14) 


Rights group calls on Qatar to reform labour laws : Human Rights Watch (HRW) says that authorities in Qatar have ignored warnings to reform its legal and regulatory system that facilitates forced labour. According to the NGO, without major reforms, the tens of thousands of migrant workers building infrastructure for the 2022 FIFA World Cup would face exploitation and misery. (Arabian - 21/01/14)



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