Media Listing April 2016

Lebanese police free 75 girls from sex traffickers: Security forces in Lebanon rescue 75 girls mostly Syrians from a human trafficking network in Beirut. 10 men and 8 women suspected to be involved in the trafficking network were detained. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 01/04/2016)

Migrant smugglers use Facebook to promote Turkey-Italy trips bypassing sealed Balkan route: According to this article, migrant smugglers turn to Facebook to promote a new route from Turkey to Italy following a crackdown on irregular migrants on the Balkan route. (RT News – 02/04/2016)

Migration in Africa - issues, challenges and opportunities: A high-level panel event organized by UNECA on migration in Africa, makes a range of recommendations including, the need for African countries to leverage on benefits of migration, promoting dialogue among countries and enhancing protection for migrants in transit and destination countries. (All Africa – 02/04/2016)

Governing migrant smuggling: a criminality approach is not sufficient: In this opinion article, the author argues that an increased focus on migrant smuggling as an issue of criminality and insecurity is insufficient and instead calls for a more nuanced understanding of the socio-economics of people smuggling. (Open Democracy – 06/04/2016)

More than 30,000 displaced in Congo left without aid - agency: According to Norwegian Refugee Council, more than 30,000 people displaced by fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have been left without aid due to ongoing insecurity. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 07/04/2016)

African rights chief calls for migrant protection in EU: AU Commissioner on Human and Peoples’ Rights expresses her concern over treatment of refugees arriving in the EU. “They should ensure that the fundamental rights of these migrants are protected,” Pansy Tlakula said. (Anadolu Agency – 07/04/2016)

Bringing Europe’s migration crisis under control: In this opinion article, George Solos identifies four fundamental flaws from the recent EU-Turkey migrant deal and argues for a comprehensive asylum policy in which about 300,000 – 500,000 refugees would be admitted every year at a budget of at least euro 30 billion. (Project Syndicate – 10/04/2016)

Asylum seekers focus on Sudan as gateway to Europe: Following the crackdown on irregular movements on the eastern Mediterranean route, Syrian asylum seekers and migrants are increasingly turning to alternative routes to reach Europe such as Sudan, where Syrians are allowed to enter without visa. (Vocativ – 12/04/2016)

Richest states must lift migration aid, say IMF and World Bank: IMF and the World Bank calls on the rich countries to do more to help countries in the Middle East and North Africa cope with the influx of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. (Financial Times – 14/04/2016)

The refugee policy the EU needs today: The author of this opinion article highlights three priorities for EU to address the refugee and migrant crisis. These includes the need to control inflows on the Aegean Sea, resettling Syrian refugees from Turkey and helping refugees rebuild their lives. (Carnegie Europe – 15/04/2016) 

Swaziland deports Zimbabwean illegal migrant: Swaziland deports for the second time a Zimbabwean migrant after serving a six month sentence for unlawful presence in the country. (Star Africa – 15/04/2016)

More than 400 refugees 'drown in Mediterranean' after boats capsize crossing from Egypt to Italy: More than 400 migrants mostly from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia reportedly drown in the Mediterranean Sea after their boats capsized en-route Italy from Egypt. (The Independent – 18/04/2016)

Global migration trends 2015 factsheet: IOM releases the Global Migration Trends 2015 Factsheet which presents a snapshot of the major migration trends worldwide for the year 2015. (IOM Press – 20/04/2016)

How EU asylum offers increased by 72 per cent between 2014 and 2015: According to Eurostat, more than 330,000 people were granted asylum in EU in 2015 – a 72% increase compared to 2014. The three main countries from which refugees were granted asylum were Syria (49.8%), Eritrea (8.3%) and Iraq (7.1%). (The Telegraph – 20/04/2016)

Somali migrant trafficker and serial rapist sentenced to 30 years: The Palermo Court of Appeals sentence a Somali migrant smuggler to 30 years in jail on charges of human trafficking and criminal racketeering aimed at illegal migration and sexual violence. The smuggler was the captain of the vessel that sank off the coast of Lampedusa in October 2013 in which 336 people died. (Breitbart News – 16/04/2016)

600 US-bound Africans stranded in Costa Rica after officials block route: About 600 Africa migrants are stranded in Costa Rica after authorities blocked their onward movement to the US via Nicaragua. Their countries of origin remains unknown as the migrants do not have legal identification documents. . (The Guardian – 22/04/2016)

Malta is at the crossroads of Egypt-Europe migrant route: According to this article, Syrian refugees are likely to shift to Egypt rather than Libya en route to Europe following a crackdown on irregular movements on the eastern Mediterranean route. (Times of Malta – 24/04/2016)

Security Council deplores maritime tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea: UN Security Council condemn and deplore the maritime tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea that resulted in up to 500 deaths. The Council called for the full implementation of resolution 2240 (2015) intended to disrupt organized crime enterprises engaged in migrant smuggling. (UN News Centre – 23/04/2016)

Illegal migration in Nigeria: The war still rages on: This article highlights the risks associated with illegal emigration from Nigeria. The author further explores various solutions that Nigeria can pursue to address illegal migration including elimination of poverty and conflict, creation of employment opportunities, and creating awareness about the dangers of illegal migration. (Leadership – 23/04/2016)

US backs NATO blockade of Libya to close migrant route: According to this article, the US offers it backing for a NATO naval operation off Libyan in support of a controversial plan by Italy to close the Western Mediterranean route to Europe. (Daily Mail – 25/04/2016)

More than 100 migrants arrested in Niger near Algerian border: Niger’s security forces arrest more than 100 migrants in the Sahara desert as they attempted to cross the country’s northern border into Algeria. An estimated 100,000 people travelled through Agadez in 2015 on their way to Europe via Northern African countries. (Standard Media – 26/04/2016)

Papua New Guinea to close refugee detention center: Papua New Guinea government announces the closure of Manus Island detention center following a ruling by the country’s highest court that detention of asylum seekers and refugees is illegal under the country’s immigration laws. (Human Rights Watch – 27/04/2016)

Zambia arrests over xenophobic attacks in Lusaka: More than 250 people are arrested in Lusaka, Zambia following xenophobic attacks in the capital in which at least 62 Rwandan owned shops were looted. Rwandans are the largest group of immigrants in the country numbering about 6,000. (BBC News – 19/04/2016)

EU sets sanctions, mulls security mission to back Libya unity government: EU imposes sanctions on three Libyan political leaders for opposing the UN backed unity government. EU is considering deploying a civilian security mission in Libya to back the new unity government. (Reuters – 01/04/2016)

Greece passes asylum law needed for EU-Turkey migrants’ deal: Legislators in Greece pass an asylum amendment bill to facilitate the implementation of the EU-Turkey migrant deal. The Greek government has said it will ensure the human rights of asylum seekers are protected. (Reuters – 02/04/2016)

To stop migrants Austria wants to deploy soldiers on Italy border: Austrian government announces plans to deploy soldiers on its border with Italy to stem an expected increase in migrants trying to get to northern Europe. (The Economic Times – 02/04/2016)

Migrants sent back from Greece arrive in Turkey under EU deal: Three boats carrying about 202 migrants, mainly Pakistanis and Afghanis from Greek islands arrive in Turkey as part of the recent EU-Turkey migrant deal. At the same period, about 339 migrants reportedly arrived on Greek islands from Turkey. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 04/04/2016)

Italy pleads for Greek-style push to return its migrants: Italian government urges EU to come up with a scheme to deport migrants arriving on its southern shores - similar to the recent EU-Turkey migrant deal. (Financial Times – 04/04/2016)

Europe’s asylum system serves neither the refugees nor the countries. Here’s a new way of thinking about it: In the midst of the migration crisis in Europe, two academics develop a new algorithm based system, known as “matching markets” to help control the flow of refugees into Europe in a more efficient and humane way than the current EU asylum system. (The Washington Post – 04/04/2016)

Greece may have deported asylum seekers by mistake, says UN: UNHCR reports that thirteen people out of the 202 asylum seekers sent back to Turkey from Greece may have been deported by mistake since Greek officials “forgot” to process their asylum claims. (The Guardian – 05/04/2016)

Germany records 300 attacks on asylum shelters so far this year: Security forces in Germany announce there were almost 300 attacks on asylum shelters in the first quarter of 2016. In 2015, there were 1,029 attacks compared to 199 in 2014. (Reuters – 05/04/2016)

Border force warns terrorists could enter EU by abusing asylum checks: Frontex warns that irregular migratory flows could be used by terrorists to enter Europe. This follows the release of its annual risk analysis report which indicate that two of the bombers in November 2015 Paris attacks entered Europe via a smuggler’s boat from Turkey. (The Guardian – 06/04/2016)

Don't SEND any more: Germany issues ULTIMATUM to Italy as millions of migrants enter EU: Germany threatens to close its border with Austria if Italy starts sending migrants north. This comes as people smugglers start using alternative routes into Europe following the closure of eastern European routes. (Express UK – 06/04/2016)

Migrant crisis: European Commission proposes asylum reforms: EU proposes alternatives to the current asylum system in response to the migrant crisis. Among the options is to scrap the first country rule altogether and establish a system to redistribute refugees more evenly. (BBC News – 06/04/2016)

Revealed: Fourfold rise as 95,000 unaccompanied children claim asylum in Europe in 2015: According to this article, the number of unaccompanied children applying asylum in Europe increased to at least 95,000 in 2015 compared to 23,572 in 2014. (The Bureau – 10/04/2016)

EU Parliament proposes a centralised asylum system and legal ways to migrate: European Parliament approves a resolution to establish a centralised asylum system to allow EU to better manage migrants and asylum seekers flows. The resolution also seeks to establish safe and legal ways for third country nationals to enter EU. (New Europe – 12/04/2016)

Austria builds Brenner border centre despite criticism: Austria begins to construct a border control centre at the Brenner crossing on the border with Italy. The move criticized by EU and aid agencies is intended to clamp down on migrant inflows. (BBC – 12/04/2016)

Italy rescues 4 000 migrants in two days: Italian coastguard rescue about 4,000 migrants in two days on the Mediterranean Sea. Increased activity on the route between Libya and Italy is expected owing to crackdown on irregular movement on the East Mediterranean route. (News 24 – 13/04/2016)

Italy wants EU bonds to fund migration policies: With the increasing threat that migrants and smugglers could turn to a new route to Europe via Italy, Italy proposes the creation of “migration bonds” and “EU-Africa” bonds to help EU states manage migration as well give Africa countries to capital markets. (EU Observer – 18/04/2016)

EU/Greece: First Turkey deportations riddled with abuse: In a statement, Human Rights Watch say the deportation of migrants from Greece to Turkey was “[…] rushed, chaotic and violated the rights of those deported”. (Human Rights Watch – 19/04/2016)

EU navies prepare to start work in Libyan waters: Following a talk between EU foreign ministers and the new Libyan prime minister, EU announces plans to send security experts to Libya to support authorities in counter-terrorism, border management, countering irregular migration, smuggling of migrants and human trafficking. (EU Observer – 19/04/2016)

EU to offer 75 million Turks visa-free travel by May if terms met: EU’s executive say a proposal to grant Turks visa-free travel to the bloc will be discussed early May and implemented in late June provided that Turkey meet all the conditions under the EU-Turkey migrant deal. (Breitbart News – 21/04/2016)

10,000 migrant children in Europe missing, exploited by criminal gangs: Human rights agencies brief the European Parliament about an estimated 10,000 migrant children that are reportedly missing in Europe. “These children may be sexually exploited, used for begging or forced to commit crimes,” a briefing said. (Sputnik News – 22/04/2016)

Fewer North African migrants enter Germany: Germany announces that the number of migrants from North Africa has fallen sharply in 2016 from 3,356 in January to 480 in March. Germany wants to declare Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia as safe countries to enable deportation of migrants. (BBC – 25/04/2016) 

Norway to PAY asylum seekers £850 each to return to their home country: Norway announces a £850 bonus for asylum seekers if they return to their home country voluntarily. This is in addition to the £1,681 already offered to those who go home. The government is seeking to cut down on the cost of running asylum centres by enticing migrants to return home. (Daily Mail – 25/04/2016)

Fresh proposal to help child refugees stranded in Europe tabled: A new proposal to resettle a specific number of child refugees stranded in Europe is tabled in UK’s House of Lords. A previous proposal to provide sanctuary to 3,000 children was defeated after the government argued that it was doing enough to help refugee children in Syria and neighbouring countries. (The Guardian- 26/04/2016)

Austrian parliament passes package on tougher asylum rules: Austrian parliament passes new tougher asylum rules deemed to be the “toughest asylum rules in Europe”. Under the new rules, asylum will only be granted to people who are likely to suffer persecution if they are sent back to the country of origin. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 27/04/2016)

Italy to fingerprint ALL migrants who are rescued at sea: Italy agrees to fingerprint all migrants and asylum seekers rescued at sea in an effort to crackdown on those who slip away heading for Austria, Germany or France. In December last year, the EU ordered Italy to use force if necessary to compel migrants to have their fingerprints taken. (Daily Mail – 28/04/2016)

Should Europe pay to stop refugees fleeing oppressive Eritrea?:  In this opinion article, the author critiques EU’s decision to grant the Eritrean government 200million euros in aid to address irregular migration from the country. According to the article, this move is likely to exacerbate the problem since the government is accused of gross human rights abuses, a key push factor cited by Eritrean migrants. (The Guardian – 28/04/2016)

Ethiopia: Returnees seek increased government support: Ethiopian returnees urge the government to raise awareness on illegal migration, provide assistance to returnees and facilitate conditions for youth likely to migrate illegally. (All Africa – 06/04/2016)

South Sudanese gunmen kill at least 140 civilians in Ethiopia, government says: Ethiopian government announce that more than 140 people were killed and 39 children abducted following an attack by South Sudanese militants in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. About 272,000 South Sudanese refugees are hosted in the region since war broke out in their country in December 2013. (WAMU 88.5 – 17/04/2016)

14 Egyptians arrested while attempting to cross Mediterranean: Egyptian coastguard foil an attempt by a group of 14 Egyptians trying to cross the Mediterranean to Italy. (Daily News Egypt – 01/04/2016)

112 border jumpers arrested at Egypt-Libya border: Egyptian border guards arrests 112 people attempting to cross illegally into Libya in the border city of South Salloum. Among them were 22 Sudanese nationals while the rest were Egyptians. (Ahram Online – 12/04/2016)

Lobby's bill to protect migrant domestic workers: A human rights organization in Kenya, prepares a private draft bill to be tabled in parliament which seeks to safeguard migrant domestic workers. The draft bill places the responsibility of all migrant workers on the government and requires recruitment agencies to deposit a minimum amount of money with the government to support repatriation of migrant workers. (The Star – 26/04/2016)

At least 5 migrants killed, 15 injured after Libya detention escape: At least 5 African migrants are reportedly shot dead while another 15 are injured following an attempt by a large group of migrants to escape a detention centre in Zawiya, Libya. (Europe Online – 02/04/2016)

Libya: senior UN official calls for independent probe into migrant deaths at detention centre: The UN expresses concern over conditions in al-Zawiya detention centre in Libya and calls for an independent, impartial and full investigation over deaths of four migrants in the centre. (UN News Centre – 06/04/2016)

About 200 illegal migrants arrested in chaotic Libya: Libyan authorities announce they have detained 203 African migrants in Tripoli who were preparing to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. (Med Africa – 18/04/2016)

Libya deports more than 200 African migrants: According to this article, Libya deports more than 200 African migrants to their countries of origin. “We are deporting 204 migrants of various African nationalities including Mali, Niger, Gambia, Eritrea and Ivory Coast,” said Hosni Jumaa Ayyad, a spokesperson for Libya’s illegal migration task force. (Africa News – 21/04/2016)

Libya new unity government vows to fight illegal migration: Libya’s national unity government calls for more collaboration with the UN and international community to combat illegal migration following a tragic boat accident on the Mediterranean Sea in which more than 500 people drowned. (Star Africa – 27/04/2016)

Egyptians and Libyan traffickers killed in dispute: In conflicting reports, between 9 - 16 Egyptians and three Libyan human smugglers have been killed after a dispute over money in the Libyan town of Bani Walid. Hundreds of thousands of migrants are reportedly in Libya seeking to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. (Al Jazeera – 28/04/2016)

U.N. agency to relocate 10,000 Mozambican refugees within Malawi: UNHCR is set to relocate 10,000 Mozambican refugees to better facilities within Malawi. The refugees are fleeing renewed conflict in their country between Frelimo government forces and Renamo guerrillas. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/04/2016)

Puntland parliament endorses Electoral Commission: Legislators approve the establishment of Transnational Puntland Electoral Commission (TPEC) in what diplomats reportedly hailed as a step towards “one person, one vote”. The legislators are set to discuss other agendas such as drought and human trafficking policy soon. (Garowe Online – 24/04/2016)

Thousands may die from drought in Somalia unless donors give more - U.N.: The UN warns that up to 1.7 million people or 40% of northern Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland and Somaliland population are in need of emergency aid as a result of the El-Nino induced drought. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 01/04/2016)

Somalia: Federal Govt., Puntland agree on election modality: According to this article, the governments of Somalia and Puntland sign an electoral modality agreement for an inclusive 2016 elections in the country. Regional and international diplomats welcomed the agreement. (MFA Ethiopia – 04/04/2016)

Somali National Youth Council Kismayo declaration: A national level youth conference held in Jubaland, Somalia calls on the government, private sector and NGOs to provide employment opportunities and skills to the youth in Somalia to prevent illegal migration. (Mareeg – 15/04/2016)

Somalia: Government bans citizens from traveling to Sudan after 200 deaths: Somali government prohibits its citizen from travelling to Sudan in an attempt to reach Italy, following a shipwreck on the Mediterranean Sea in which an estimated 200 to 300 Somalis reportedly lost their lives. "No ordinary Somali is allowed to travel to Sudan effective today except on diplomatic missions," said the head of Somalia’s immigration and naturalization department. (All Africa – 19/04/2016)

South Africa
Malawi, South Africa agree to resolve migration issues: Malawi and South Africa agree to resolve migration issues pitting the two countries within a period of three months. Thousands of Malawians and citizens from other African countries have been detained at South Africa’s Lindera Camp as illegal immigrants. (Star Africa – 07/04/2016)

Map shows the bulk of South Africa’s skilled workers are going to the UK: A new data map published by the Code for South Africa Journalism Academy, reveals that almost 47,000 skilled professionals have migrated from South Africa to OECD countries with the UK and Australia being the major destination countries. (The South African – 14/04/2016)


South Sudan
South Sudan's Machar sworn in as VP, president calls for reconciliation: Riek Machar is sworn in as South Sudan’s first vice president shortly after he returned to the capital of Juba for the first time since conflict erupted in December 2013. The UN called for the immediate formation of transnational government of national unity. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 26/04/2016)


Government plans labour migration policy: The Tanzanian government in collaboration with IOM is set to launch a labour migration policy and a labour market information system to manage migrant labour in the country. (Daily News – 11/04/2016)

Missing Ugandan maid fuels fears of abuse in Saudi Arabia: This article highlights the plight of Ugandan nationals recruited to work as domestic workers in Middle East and Gulf States. The government in January 2016 banned the recruitment of Ugandans in Saudi Arabia following increased reports of abuse and mistreatment. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 13/04/2016)

Yemen peace talks delayed as fighting continues despite ceasefire: According to this article, fighting and airstrikes continued on several fronts across Yemen despite a UN brokered truce which went into effect on April 11, 2016. (Asharq Al-Awsat – 19/04/2016)
Displacement rises in Yemen: IOM: IOM releases its first Yemen Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) report which confirms that internal displacement in the country continues to rise. According to the report, an estimated 2,755,916 people are internally displaced in Yemen. (IOM Press – 19/04/2016)

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