Media Listing February 2016

Afghan refugees forced to return to a country with no hope: As Pakistan intensifies its nationwide campaign against terrorism, more than 100,000 unregistered Afghan migrants are expected to be deported to their home country in 2016. In 2015, the government deported more than 85,000 Afghan migrants. (DW News – 01/02/2016)

More women and children than men seeking European asylum, says UNICEF: According to latest figures released by UNICEF, the number of women and children seeking safety in Europe has overtaken the number of men since the migrant crisis began. Children now make up more than one in three people seeking asylum in Europe. (The Guardian – 02/02/2016)

Have January raids deterred migrants from illegally crossing the border?: Following controversial raids on illegal migrants in US, the government release a new report which indicate a significant decline in number of children and families caught crossing its southern border. (Los Angeles Times – 03/02/2016) 

Australia high court: Offshore migrant camps are legal: The High Court in Australia rule that offshore processing of asylum seekers is valid under the constitution. The government has recently amended immigration rules allowing it to pay foreign countries like Nauru to run detention centers. (VOA – 03/02/2016) 

Australia may crack down on Syrian refugees: leaked document: In a policy document leaked to the media, Australia is reportedly considering tougher immigration regulations for thousands of refugees from Syria to minimize the risk of “extremist infiltration”(Reuters – 04/02/2016) 

Kuwait to deport undocumented Bangladeshis: Kuwait government announce plans to deport an estimated 100,000 undocumented migrants in the country. Nearly 20,000 migrants are reportedly from Bangladesh.(Dhaka Tribune – 04/02/2016)

Human-smuggling network extending into Canada uncovered: This article provides insight into ongoing Glauco investigations on criminal smuggling and trafficking networks operating from North Africa and Europe and now extending into North America. (The Globe and Mail – 05/02/2016) 

To help real refugees, be firm with economic migrants: In this opinion article, the author argues that true liberals must make a distinction between refugees and economic migrants, accept authoritarian measures to rapidly expel illegal migrants in order to help refugees. (The Guardian – 06/02/2016)

How to manage the migrant crisis: This article proposes various measures to help manage the migrant crisis in Europe. Some of the measures include curbing the push factors for migrants, reviewing asylum claims while refugees are still in reception centres in Middle East or hotspots in Greece and Italy and ensuring asylum seekers stay put while their claims are being processed. (The Economist – 06/02/2016)

Thailand: Transit point for smuggling Syrians to Europe: According to this article, smuggling networks are increasingly using Thailand as a transit point for Syrian asylum seekers hoping to reach Europe. Thailand has no legal framework for refugees and is not a signatory to the 1951 UN convention on refugees. (World Bulletin – 07/02/2016)
Turkey’s refugee smugglers adapt and prosper: This article gives an insight into migrant smuggling industry that is thriving in Turkey despite government crackdown and harsh winter weather conditions.(IRIN News – 08/02/2016)

India drafts new anti-trafficking bill, raises penalty for offenders: According to this article, India is drafting a bill aimed at curbing human trafficking by harmonizing several existing laws, raising penalties for offenders and providing for victims’ rehabilitation. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 10/02/2016) 

NATO allies launch sea mission against people-smugglers: NATO allies announce plans to send military vessels to the Aegean Sea to help Turkey and Greece crackdown on criminal networks smuggling migrants and refugees into Europe. Any migrants saved by NATO vessels will be returned to Turkey.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 11/02/2016) 

Major powers agree to plan for 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria: Major powers including the US, Britain, France, Russia and other nations, agree to a cessation of hostilities in Syria and to provide rapid humanitarian access in the country. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 12/02/2016) 

More than 160 trafficked Nepalese rescued by India after earthquake - official: India’s security agencies rescue more than 160 Nepalese trafficked into the country since two powerful quakes struck Nepal last year. According to ILO, an estimated 12,000 Nepalese children are trafficked into India every year.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/02/2016)

Refugees are becoming Russia's weapon of choice in Syria: Turkey launch a report warning that Russia is purposefully attempting to “weaponize” the refugee crisis to gain advantageous political and military leverage. (The Guardian – 16/02/2016)

Australia resumes talks with six countries to resettle asylum seekers: report: According to this article, Australia is reportedly in talks with Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines and other unidentified countries to resettle asylum seekers detained in Papua New Guinea and Nauru. (Reuters – 19/02/2016)

African parliamentarians call for lifting of barriers to ease movement: African parliamentarians appeal for common policies on migration, protection of migrants’ rights and lifting of barriers to ease human movement across the continent during the second African parliamentary conference on migration held in Djibouti. (All Africa – 19/02/2016)

971 illegal migrants including Nepali nabbed in Malaysia: Malaysian authorities arrest 971 foreign nationals in a countrywide crackdown following an earlier announcement by the government on suspension of foreign workers recruitment and deportation of illegal workers. (The Kathmandu Post – 21/02/2016)

Frontex: Morocco Helps Spain to Stem Illegal Immigration: According to Frontex, the number of irregular migrants going from Morocco into Spain through Melilla and Ceuta has significantly reduced due to cooperation between Spain, Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania. In 2015, 7,164 migrants crossed the border irregularly on the Western Mediterranean route. (Morocco World News – 21/02/2016)

The human smuggling and trafficking on the Horn of Africa - Central Mediterranean route report launched: IGAD launch a study report on human smuggling and trafficking on the Horn of Africa and Central Mediterranean route. The report identifies key Eritrean nationals involved in people smuggling and how they operate both in the country and abroad. (IGAD – 22/02/2016)

CAR refugees say they will only return when peace returns: Nearly 300,000 Central African Republic refugees in Cameroon hope that peace will prevail in their country before they can return. Violence erupted in C.A.R in March 2013 after Muslim Seleka rebels overthrew President Bozize from power.  Presidential elections were held in February 2016. (VOA – 22/02/2016)

U.S., Mexico reach agreement on migrant repatriation: The US and Mexican government sign a series of nine agreements dictating how, when and where unauthorized Mexican immigrants will be repatriated to their home country. (Albuquerque Journal – 23/02/2016) 

Asylum seeker boat turned back to Sri Lanka: Dutton: Australia’s immigration minister confirm that the border protection authorities have recently turned an asylum seeker boat back to Sri Lanka after those on board were found not to be refugees. (SBS – 23/02/2016) 

War crimes, illegal refugee returns marred 2015 human rights - Amnesty: According to Amnesty International’s 2015 human rights review report, more than 60 million people were displaced from their homes and at least 30 countries illegally forced refugees to return unsafe places in 2015. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 24/02/2016)

Kuwait to deport 1,170 illegal migrants: According to this article, Kuwait government is set to deport 1,170 illegal migrants detained during recent crackdowns in Kuwait City. Most of the migrants arrested are from Asian countries. (Emirates 247 – 24/02/2016)

Thousands of West Africans gain identity documents, one million still stateless - UN: Following a declaration signed in January 2015 by ECOWAS states to end statelessness, an estimated 20,000 people in Ivory Coast, Benin, and Mali have received identity documents. However, according to UNHCR about one million people in the region are stateless or at risk of statelessness. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 25/02/2016) 

UNHCR highlights right to safe return for refugees in Cameroon: UNHCR announce it will work closely with the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria to ensure the right of refugee to voluntary return in safety and dignity. Cameroon hosts more than 260,000 refugees from C.A.R, 70,000 Nigerian refugees and 158,000 IDPs. (UNHCR – 26/02/2016) 

Deadly new trend developing in African migration to Europe: IOM raises alarm regarding a new “horrific” trend in which African migrants are reportedly dying from asphyxiation on board smugglers’ boats during the dangerous sea crossing from Libya to Italy. (VOA – 27/02/2016)

Almost 70,000 Cambodian migrant workers were deported from Thailand in 2015: Thailand deported 67,087 Cambodian migrant workers in 2015 for failing to produce proper immigration documentation. According to the Thai government, there are more than 400,000 Cambodian nationals illegally living and working in the country. (Thai Visa News – 29/02/2016)

Germany seeks North African help to speed migrant deportations: Germany urges Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia to streamline procedures to accept more deported migrants to enable the country cope with the influx of migrants and asylum seekers. Germany intends to declare the North African countries as “safe” a move that has drawn sharp criticism from human rights organizations. (The Washington Post – 29/02/2016)

Nearly 40 refugees and migrants perish in latest Aegean boat sinking: Turkish coastguard rescue 75 migrants as another 37 are reported to have drowned after their boat capsized off the Greek island of Lesbos. (Newsweek – 01/02/2016)

Three million more migrants to come: Warning over new influx as 76,000 cross Med in past six weeks: According to this article, an estimated 3 million asylum-seekers are expected to arrive in Europe over the next two years, as a large number of asylum seekers are said to be economic migrants: (Daily Mail – 01/02/2016)

Finland to test drones on Russian border as migrant flow grows: Finland announce plans to test drones along its 1,340 km border with Russia as a growing number of migrants arrive from Russia. In January 2016, about 500 migrants crossed into the country compared to 700 in the whole of 2015. (Reuters – 01/02/2016)

More children die as refugee boat sinks off Turkey: Turkish coastguard rescue two migrants as another 9 are reported to have drowned after their boat capsized off the Greek island of Samos. (Al Jazeera – 02/02/2016)

Stop scapegoating Greece: This article explores the situation in Greece, now increasingly isolated and under pressure to stem migrant flows to Europe – yet the country continues to receive on average 2000 refugees and migrants every day. (IRIN News – 02/02/2016)

Norway/Russia: Don’t jeopardize asylum seekers: Human Rights Watch urge Norway to stop using fast-track procedures to return asylum seekers to Russia based on presumption it is a safe country. Norway has returned 13 asylum seekers to Russia since 2016 began. (Human Rights Watch – 03/02/2016) 

Germany: over 91,000 asylum-seekers arrived in January: More than 91,000 people registered as asylum seekers in Germany in January 2016 according to the government. Majority were from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. (IBT – 04/02/2016) 

Austria's finance minister asks EU to cover costs of additional migrants: Austria asks the European Commission to provide 600 million euros to cover the cost of taking in additional refugees in 2015. Austria budgeted for 35,000 asylum seekers but took in about 90,000 people in 2015. (Reuters – 06/02/2016) 

Life in hiding: Refugees in Europe evade deportation: This article highlights the situation of rejected asylum seekers in Sweden. Out of the 80,000 asylum seekers likely to be expelled, the migration agency expects half of them to choose a life of legal limbo and vanish. (Al Jazeera – 06/02/2016) 
Putting up barriers: This articles explores the impact of reintroducing border controls within Schengen following the unprecedented influx of refugees since 2015. Analysts estimate that hampering cross-border activity would reduce output in Schengen area by 110 billion euros over the next decade. (The Economist – 06/02/2016) 

Anti-immigration groups rally across Europe amid ongoing tensions: Anti-immigration and anti-Muslim demonstrations are held across Europe as Syrian refugees surge along Turkey’s border following renewed offensive by the Syrian government in Aleppo. (USA Today – 07/02/2016)  

First Syrian, Eritrean refugees arrive in Latvia under EU Relocation Plan: Latvian government announce that six refugees from Syria and Eritrea have arrived in the country from Greece under EU’s migrant relocation program. Latvia is due to take in 770 refugees under the program. (Sputnik News – 06/02/2016)

Migrant crisis: EU accepts Pakistan’s deportation terms: EU agrees to Pakistan’s terms on the mechanisms for deporting citizens. EU will send deportees strictly in line with Pakistan’s Readmission Accord and immigration procedures. (The Express Tribune – 08/02/2016)

At least 35 migrants drown in two accidents off Turkey: In two separate incidents, 35 migrants reportedly drown in Aegean Sea after their boats sank as they tried to cross from Turkey to Greece. 7 people were rescued by the coastguard. (Al Arabiya – 08/02/2016) 

Why ring-fencing Greece from Europe won’t solve anything: The author of this article argues that ring fencing Greece from the rest of EU will not stop the flow of migrants since migrants may find alternatives routes or go underground. Instead, EU should work with Turkey to crackdown on smuggling networks and provide incentives for migrants to remain in Turkey under humane conditions. (Reuters – 09/02/2016) 

Fear and loathing of refugees in Europe: In this op-ed, the author reviews three “bad ideas” implemented by EU to stem the influx of migrants and argues that the challenge is manageable via collective leadership while also upholding EU’s laws and values. (The World Post – 08/02/2016)

A smuggler’s-eye view of Turkey’s effort to stop the migrants: This article provides an insight into the smuggling industry in Turkey as the government steps up the crackdown on migrant smugglers. (The Economist – 08/02/2016)  

Journeys to Europe: the role of policy in migrant decision-making: ODI launch a research report that seeks to understand the journeys made by migrants by exploring the factors that drive them, and the capacity of EU’s migration policies to influence migrant decisions. (ODI – 10/02/2016) 

Nearly 4,000 children offered asylum in Britain as orphans were DEPORTED once they turned 18 - including to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya: According to this article, the UK government admit to deporting 3,750 formerly unaccompanied asylum seeking children back to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Albania once they turned 18 between 2007 – 2015. (Daily Mail – 10/02/2016) 

Athens given deadline as EU looks to send more refugees back to Greece: EU gives Greece one month to improve conditions for asylum seekers in the hope of eventually sending refugees back to Greece under EU’s Dublin system. The Dublin rules allow member states to send back asylum seekers to the first country they arrived in. (The Guardian – 10/02/2016) 

New Greek law to include detention regime in ‘hotspots’: Greece is set to introduce a new detention regime in the ‘hotspots’ which will restrict free movement of asylum seekers within a ‘Reception and Identification Centre’ for an initial period of 3 days. (ECRE – 12/02/2016)

Thousands of Iraqi refugees leave Finland voluntarily: According to this article, about 4,100 Iraqi asylum seekers in Finland have cancelled their asylum applications and are ready to voluntarily return home citing family issues and disappointment with life in Finland. (Reuters – 12/02/2016)

Spring could bring a fresh surge of refugees. But Europe isn’t ready for them: This article highlight the migration crisis in Europe including the internal division among EU states to address the situation. The article argues EU is ill prepared to handle the predictable resurgence of the crisis due to “politics” (The Washington Post – 16/02/2016) 

What Greece and Europe must do for refugees: This opinion article offers proposals that can help address EU’s migration crisis including rebuilding trust among states and design of new asylum and immigration policies. (Newsweek – 16/02/2016)

Why resettlement is the most realistic response to the refugee crisis: In this commentary, the author argues for the four “Rs” i.e. resettlement, redistribution, readmissions and registration as a realistic alternative to address Europe’s refugee crisis. (European Council on Foreign Relations – 17/02/2016) 

Migrant crisis: Austria sets asylum claims cap and transit limit: Austria announces new asylum measures aimed at addressing the migrant crisis. The government will only accept 80 asylum applications per day and only a daily maximum of 3,200 people will be allowed to travel through the country. (BBC News – 17/02/2016) 

‘Islamic rape of Europe’: Polish magazine splashes ‘White Europa’ girl groped by migrant hands: A popular Polish magazine publishes a controversial graphic depiction of the rape of Europe’s women by migrants.(Breitbart - 17/02/2016) 

NATO enters the migration control business: In this opinion article, the author questions the recent introduction of NATO into the Euro-Med migration crisis and instead argues for EU cooperation with Greece in screening and registering asylum seekers, efficient relocation and resettlement of refugees in EU. (EU Observer – 18/02/2016) 

No more asylum seekers from Morocco, says Germany's most populous state citing crime: The government of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany announce it will no longer accept asylum seekers from Morocco following widespread sexual attacks on women in Cologne early 2016 allegedly perpetrated by migrants. (The Telegraph – 18/02/2016) 

Refugees allowed to EU must be employable - Dutch employers' federation: The president of Dutch employers association, Hans de Boer urge EU to only accept refugees who have a chance of finding a job and fit into European society to address the migration crisis. (Sputnik News – 19/02/2016) - 

Two migrants drown off Sicily, Italy coastguard says: Italian coastguard recover bodies of two migrants off the coast of Sicily as another 40 people reportedly from Libya and Tunisia are rescued. (Reuters – 19/02/2016) 

Europol launches the European Migrant Smuggling Centre: Europol launch the new European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) to support EU in dismantling criminal networks involved in organized migrant smuggling across the bloc. (Europol press – 22/02/2016) 

Rubber boats for Libyan human smugglers imported from China, transhipped through Malta: According to an EU report leaked by WikiLeaks, the inflatable rubber boats used by Libya’s people smugglers are being imported from China and transhipped to Libya through Malta and Turkey. 91% of all Central Mediterranean arrivals to EU in 2015 left from Libya. (Malta Independent – 22/02/2016) 

Cyprus President in Bulgaria: Efforts to solve migrant crisis should be focused on countries of origin: Cyprus President Nicos say in a press statement, “[…] migrant crisis, can be solved only through collective [EU] approach [and] requires our efforts to be focused on the countries of origin, which create this problem” (Focus News Agency-22/02/2016) 

UNHCR concerned by build-up along borders and additional hardships for refugees and asylum seekers: In a press statement, UNHCR raise concern on restrictive border measures adopted by European countries that are placing additional hardships on refugees and asylum seekers. (UNHCR press – 23/02/2016)  

Italy's navy rescues 700 migrants from six boats, four found dead: Italian coastguard rescue more than 700 migrants from six leaky boats in the sea between Tunisia and Sicily. According to IOM, more than 110,000 migrants have arrived in Greece and Italy and more than 400 have died in the Mediterranean since 2016 began. (Reuters – 23/02/2016)

Denmark urged to adopt 'Australian solution' and send asylum seekers to Greenland: European Affairs spokesman for Danish second largest political party urges his country to adopt an “Australian solution” and send asylum seekers to north-eastern Greenland and a country like Tanzania in exchange for development assistance. (ABC News – 24/02/2016) 

Germany sends home rejected Afghans: Germany deports 125 Afghan migrants as part of measures aimed at reducing the number of asylum seekers in the country. About 154,000 Afghan migrants arrived in Germany in 2015. (BBC News – 24/02/2016) 

Hungary to hold referendum on EU's refugee quotas: Hungary calls an anti-immigration referendum aimed at stopping European Council and Germany from forcing it to take in refugees under any EU quota schemes. (The Guardian – 24/02/2016) 

European nations slap new restrictions on migrants: This article provides an overview of recent measures adopted by various European countries to stem the influx of migrants including border fencing and controls.(Yahoo News – 25/02/2016) 

EU migrant crisis: Greece pulls Austria envoy as court orders part closure of Calais 'jungle' camp: Greece recalls its ambassador from Austria following a meeting in which Austria and Balkan states agreed to measures which will effectively trap migrants and asylum seekers in Greece. (ABC News – 26/02/2016) 

Norway police ORDERED to deport 9,000 this year… WITH FORCE: According to this article, Norwegian authorities order the police to forcefully deport more than 9,000 migrants by the end of 2016. In 2015, an estimated 7,825 migrants were expelled from the country. (Express – 26/02/2016)

Germany reports disappearance of 130,000 asylum seekers: An estimated 130,000 asylum seekers registered in Germany in 2015 have reportedly gone underground or moved to a different country according to authorities. (BBC News – 26/02/2016)

A rare setback for immigrant-bashing in Switzerland: The right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) suffers defeat in a referendum calling for mandatory expulsion of foreigners convicted of even minor offences.(The Economist – 29/02/2016)  

The Latest: Hungary endorses referendum on EU migrant quotas: Hungary’s national election board endorse a referendum question by the government to reject EU quota plan for the relocation of migrants and refugees. (The Washington Post – 29/02/2016)

EU ready to impose more sanctions on Burundi: EU is set to strengthen economic sanctions on Burundi following failure of talks to end a political crisis in which more than 440 people have been killed and more than 200,000 have fled to neighbouring countries. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/02/2016) 

35 Egyptians released from immigration detention centres in Libya: 35 Egyptian migrants held on charges of illegal immigration are released from Libya’s immigration detention centers. According to Egyptian authorities, there are an estimated 800,000 – 1 million Egyptian migrants workers residing in Libya. (Daily News Egypt – 03/02/2016)

Egypt migrant departures stir new concern in Europe: According to this article, migrant smuggling gangs are increasingly using the Egyptian route as security situation in Libya worsens. (Reuters – 28/02/2016)

IOM relocates Somali asylum seekers in Ethiopia: IOM in collaboration with UNHCR and Ethiopian authorities relocate 621 Somali asylum seekers from Sheder to Dollo Ado refugee camps in Ethiopia. The asylum seekers fled conflict in Yemen. (IOM Press – 16/02/2016)

Ethiopia: 3,000 victims of human trafficking intercepted: Ethiopia’s National Council on Prevention and Control of Human Trafficking report that it has intercepted 3,800 individuals attempting to enter the country illegally and deported them to respective countries of origin. (StarAfrica – 17/02/2016)

Eritrea won't shorten national service despite migration fears: According to this article, European nations accuse Eritrean government for back-tracking on commitments made in 2015 to fix the national service at 18 months. Eritrea’s conscription policy has been cited as a key push factor by Eritreans fleeing the country. (Reuters – 25/02/2016) 

Crises give Eritrea routes for closer global engagement: According to this article, Europe’s migration crisis and the conflict in Yemen have created opportunities for Eritrea to draw closer to EU and deepen ties with Gulf Arab states. According to UN estimates, 5,000 Eritreans flee the country each month. (Yahoo News – 29/02/2016)

Israel's unwanted African migrants: This article highlights the plight of two African migrants offered a cash incentive of $3,500 by Israeli government to voluntarily depart to third African countries where they’d be granted legal status or face indefinite imprisonment in Israel. According to BBC, the two unnamed African countries are Rwanda and Uganda. (BBC News – 03/02/2016)

Israeli Government Passes Law to Detain Asylum Seekers for One Year: Israel passes the fourth version of the amendment to the Anti-Infiltration Law. Under the new amendment, asylum seekers can be detained for a maximum period of one year in the Holot detention facility located near the border with Egypt.(Haaretz Newspaper – 08/02/2016)

Nine Ethiopians illegally in Kenya fined KSh. 100,000 each: Nine Ethiopian nationals are arrested and fined Ksh.100,000 each or one year in jail for being in Kenya illegally. Two Eritreans also arrested together with the Ethiopians were referred to UNHCR for determination of their refugee status. (Daily Nation – 16/02/2016) 

Malian migrants stranded in Libya fly home: IOM in collaboration with Malian and Libyan authorities provide voluntary repatriation assistance to a group of 174 Malian migrants stranded in Tripoli. (IOM Press – 05/02/2016)

Despairing migrants flown home: IOM provides repatriation assistance to 117 Burkina Faso nationals stranded in Libya. The number of migrants in Libya wanting to go home is reportedly on the rise. (Libya Herald – 28/02/2016)

Malawi holds national consultation on mixed and irregular migration: IOM in collaboration with the government of Malawi hold a national consultative meeting to address mixed and irregular migration. Priority areas to be addressed by the government and partners include: Protection of unaccompanied migrant children, statelessness, return and alternatives to detention. (MENAFN Press – 12/02/2016)

Somalia: Puntland president declares drought emergency: President of Somalia’s Puntland government declares a state of drought emergency which has been induced by El-Nino. An estimated 1.2 million people in rural areas are reportedly food insecure. (Garowe Online – 05/02/2016)

South Sudan
South Sudan president re-appoints rival under peace deal: South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir re-appoints his rival Riek Machar as vice president in a deal aimed at ending months of civil war in the country.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 11/02/2016)

Fresh fighting in South Sudan displaces up to 26,000 people: According to UNHCR, fresh fighting between ethnic Dinka and Shilluk at a site for IDPs in Malakal, South Sudan has displaced up to 26,000 people. The site was hosting 48,000 IDPs. (UNHCR – 19/02/2016)

South Africa
Desperate Malawians flock to SA: An estimated 1,154 Malawian immigrants are currently being detained at South Africa’s Lindela Repatriation Centre and their numbers are increasing in what authorities attribute to deepening economic hardship back home. A government crackdown in the wake of nationwide xenophobic attacks in 2015, resulted in the repatriation to their home countries of 15,000 undocumented immigrants.(Amabhungane – 26/02/2016)

Ghana receives from South Africa 21 traffic children: 21 Ghanaian minors ranging from ages of nine and 16 are flown back to Ghana after they were rescued by South African authorities. (News Ghana – 26/02/2016)

Sudan receives 100 million euros from EU to stem irregular migrants: EU announces a 100 million euro package to support Sudan address root causes of irregular migration as part of EU Emergency Trust Fund.  (Sudan Tribune – 18/02/2016)

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