Media Listing December 2015


UN expert urges government to take action over thousands fleeing violence in Honduras: UN Special Rapporteur on human rights of IDPs calls on Honduran government to urgently address internal displacement caused by endemic violence. There are an estimated 174,000 IDPs in the country. (Latin Correspondent – 01/12/2015)

Africa migration network launched at Africities summit: The Pan-African Network on Migration is launched during the seventh Africities summit held in South Africa. The network’s objective is to promote and protect rights of African migrants in the continent and beyond. (StarAfrica – 01/12/2015)

Pakistan's tougher migration policy sends unverified deportees back to Greece: Pakistan government rejects 31 migrants deported from Greece for lack of correct paperwork as another 19 are allowed to enter the country. (The Guardian – 03/12/2015)

Without labour deal, Southeast Asia risks subsidising human smugglers - IOM: Following the establishment of an economic community in November 2015, IOM urges Southeast Asia to establish legal channels of migration to curb human smuggling and trafficking in the region. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 03/12/2015)

IOM helps stranded Malian migrants to leave Libya, return home: IOM in collaboration with Libyan and Malian authorities provide repatriation assistance to 170 Malian migrants stranded in Tripoli, Libya. (IOM Press – 04/12/2015)

More than 50,000 migrants deported by Thailand in 2015: Thai authorities announce that more than 50,000 Cambodian migrants have been deported back home in 2015. (Cambodia Daily – 07/12/2015)

No deal to strengthen respect for Geneva Conventions: States fail to back proposals aimed at boosting compliance with Geneva Conventions however key resolutions passed include the need to prevent sexual violence in conflict and ways to improve protection for those detained in non-international armed conflicts.(IRIN News- 10/12/2015)

Africa – aid or extortion?: In this opinion article, the author argues that aid pledged to African countries during the Valletta Summit on Migration is aimed at scoring strategic political interests rather than addressing fundamental development and migration issues (Times of Malta – 11/12/2015)

Paris Accord considers climate change as a factor in mass migration: The Paris Accord adopted during UN climate conference call for measures to “avert, minimize and address displacement related to the adverse impacts of climate change” (The New York Times – 12/12/2015)

EC announces $327mln plan to address migration causes in Somali Peninsula: The European Commission announce a 16-point action plan worth USD 327 million to address the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement in the Horn of Africa. Implementation of the action plan is expected to begin in early 2016. (Sputnik News – 16/12/2015)

Turkey detaining, abusing and deporting Syrian refugees, says Amnesty: Amnesty International release a report, Europe’s Gatekeepers, which details alleged detaining, abuse and deportation of refugees in violation of international law. (Middle East Eye – 16/12/2015)

World's refugees and displaced exceed record 60 million - UN: UNHCR report that the number of people forcibly displaced worldwide exceed a record 60 million this year. (Thomas Reuters Foundation – 18/12/2015)

IOM facilitates voluntary return of Burkinabe migrants from Libya: IOM provides repatriation assistance to 178 Burkinabe migrants stranded in Libya. (IOM Press – 18/12/2015)

Storms in Philippines uproot 1.7 mln people, destroy 40,000 homes: Successive storms across Philippines displace an estimated 1.7 million people and at least 41 people are reported to have been killed. More than 200,000 homes have been destroyed. (Thomas Reuters Foundation – 23/12/2015)

U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) prepares to deport hundreds of migrants from Central America who entered US since 2014 and have been rejected asylum. (Washington Post -23/12/2015)

Afghanistan war: Britain turning away majority of refugees fleeing conflict despite sending troops to Helmand: Charities in UK criticize the government for sending British troops to Afghanistan to help stem the conflict yet majority of Afghan refugees and migrants seeking safety in UK are denied asylum. (The Independent – 12/12/2015)

New ILO figures show 150 million migrants in the global workforce: A report launched by ILO indicate that migrant workers account for 150.3 million of world’s approximately 232 million international migrants. Almost half (48.5 per cent) of migrant workers are concentrated in two broad regions: Northern America, and Northern, Southern and Western Europe. (ILO News – 16/12/2015)

Costa Rica to deport 56 Cuban migrants after halting transit visas: Costa Rican authorities prepare to deport 56 Cuban migrants detained in San Jose after the government ceased the issuance of transit visas. In early December, the government issued about 5,000 temporary visas to migrants trekking via the country to US. (International Business Times – 26/12/2015)

The shocking truth of child exploitation for Syrian refugees in Lebanon: This article highlights the condition of Syrian refugees trapped in Lebanon where families are turning to desperate measures to survive. (Mail Online – 26/12/2015)


Fewer refugees land in Europe in November due to weather, smuggling crackdown - U.N: UNHCR announce that an estimated 140,000 refugees and migrants entered Europe by sea in November - a decline attributed to fluctuations in climate conditions and crackdown on smugglers. (Reuters – 01/12/2015)

Europe must stop locking up thousands of stateless people - U.N.: UN Special Rapporteur on human rights of migrants call on European countries to stop locking up stateless people and instead introduce procedures for identifying and protecting them. (Thomas Reuters Foundation – 01/12/2015)

Turkey arrests migrants after agreement with European Union: Turkish authorities arrest 1,300 migrants following an agreement with EU in which Turkey is to receive an aid package to help stem the flow of migrants to Western Europe. (NPR – 01/12/2015)

Britain, Denmark criticized for turning away Eritrean refugees: Amnesty International criticise Britain and Denmark for rejecting asylum applications from Eritrean refugees despite evidence they are fleeing an oppressive regime. (Voice of America – 02/12/2015)

Merkel says Afghans coming to Germany for better life will be sent back: Chancellor Angela Merkel announce that Afghan economic migrants will be deported back home calling for establishment of “protected zones” within Afghanistan where people seeking security can be hosted instead of migrating to Europe. (Thomas Reuters Foundation – 02/12/2015)

Refugee policy sees tensions boil over in the Balkans: Thousands of migrants are stranded at the Macedonia-Greece border following a policy by Macedonia that grants entry to migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. (IRIN News – 03/12/2015)

Six migrant children die after boat sinks off western Turkey - media: Turkish coastguard report that at least six children drowned off Turkey’s coast after a boat bound for Greece capsized. Eight people were rescued. (Thomas Reuters Foundation – 08/12/2015)

Germany's intake of asylum seekers surpasses 1 million for 2015: Germany authorities announce that the number of people applying for asylum in 2015 surpasses 1 million - higher than the 800,000 forecasted by government for the year. (Europe Online – 08/12/2015)

Finland says asylum seekers should work for free and learn about women's rights: In an attempt to tighten its immigration policy, Finland announces new regulations which will require asylum seekers to work for free and learn about Finnish culture and society. (The Telegraph – 08/12/2015)

6 migrant children drown off Turkey’s coast: Turkish coastguard rescue 5 Afghan migrants after a dinghy bound for Greece sank off Turkey’s Aegean coast. At least six children are reported to have drowned.(Todays Zaman – 08/12/2015)

Europe's refugee opportunity: In this opinion article, the author proposes a six-point comprehensive strategy to address the refugee crisis in Europe (Times of Oman – 09/12/2015)

Europe talks tough on migrant strategies: France and Germany call for EU to take over borders in response to growing frustration over Greek’s failure to control large numbers of migrants and refugees arriving by sea. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 09/12/2015)

The latest: Germany plans new ID document to better track asylum-seekers: German government plans to issue new identity documents to migrants arriving in the country to enable better management of assistance provided to asylum seekers. (New Europe – 09/12/2015)

More than 800,000 claimed asylum in Europe in first 9 months of 2015 - Eurostat: According to Eurostat, a total of 812, 705 people claimed asylum in EU between January and September 2015. In 2014, about 626,065 people claimed asylum in EU. (Reuters – 10/12/2015)

EU threatens Greece, Croatia and Italy with legal action, claims Hungary ‘Ignores’ migrant rules: EU starts legal proceedings against member states Greece, Croatia and Italy for failing to follow migrant rules as the continent struggled to cope with migrant crisis. (Breitbart – 11/12/2015)

European Commission and UNHCR launch scheme to provide 20,000 reception places for asylum seekers in Greece: Following the Western Balkans Leader’s Meeting held in October 2015, EC and UNHCR launch a scheme to provide additional reception places for asylum seekers and relocation candidates in Greece through rent subsidies and host family programmes. (New Europe – 14/12/2015)

EU plans rapid-reaction border force to stem migration: European Commission proposes the creation of a new European Border and Coast Guard with a 1,500 strong rapid reaction force in an effort to preserve the Schengen zone and boost security in Europe’s perimeter. (Thomas Reuters Foundation – 15/12/2015)

Britain 'will consider' sending troops to Libya: Following the signing of a new national unity government in Libya, the UK government announce that it would consider any request for assistance made by the new Libyan administration. (Times of Malta – 17/12/2015)

EU gets 1 million migrants in 2015, smugglers seen making $1 bln: IOM report that more than 1 million refugees and migrants entered Europe in 2015 while 3,700 died or went missing. People smuggling accounting for the majority of the journeys earned at least $1billion. (Thomas Reuters Foundation – 22/12/2015)

13 migrants drown in latest Aegean Sea sinking: At least 13 people are reported to have drowned off the Greek island of Farmakonisi as another 15 are rescued after their boat capsized in Aegean Sea. (Egypt Independent – 23/12/2015)

Two Syrian Asylum Seekers Arrested in Austria: Austrian authorities detain two Syrian asylum seekers on suspicion of being involved with terrorist groups. (The Wall Street Journal – 23/12/2015)

Two dead as hundreds of migrants try to enter Spanish territory: Spanish authorities report that two migrants died and another 12 were injured when a group of over 300 migrants tried to enter the Spanish territory Ceuta in North Africa. (Yahoo News – 25/12/2015)

Europe in Review 2015 - Unwanted exodus: This article reviews the various policy measures and happenings in 2015 in response to EU’s migrants and refugee crisis. (EU Observer – 27/12/2015)

Denmark seeks revision to UN refugee convention: Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen announce that he will seek a revision of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention in order to clarify the rights of refugees in the first country they fled to. (ABC News – 28/12/2015)

Radicalization, not refugees, is Europe's challenge: In this opinion article, the author argues that shutting borders to refugees would be immoral and instead the West should accept and fully integrate refugees in society. According to the author, the real threat comes not from refugees but radicalized young Europeans.(The World Post – 28/12/2015)

'One of Europe's Toughest': Norway's new 'No Visa, No Entry' asylum policy: Norway announce draft immigration laws aimed at making the country less attractive to refugees and migrants. Among the proposed regulations include turning back asylum seekers without visa from their first point of entry in Schengen zone. (Sputnik News – 30/12/2015)


As body count mounts, Burundi talks ever more urgent: This article highlight the situation in Burundi as violence escalate following a disputed presidential election. The EU has agreed to finance an inclusive national dialogue process. (IRIN News – 15/12/2015)


Egypt: Minya province is top exporter of illegal child migrants to Europe-minister: The Egyptian province of Minya is reported as a top “exporter” of illegal child migrants to Europe. According to authorities, more than 4,000 Egyptian children are said to be living in Italy. (StarAfrica – 08/12/2015)


Ethiopia 'human traffickers' face life in jail: 19 Ethiopians involved in a car accident in Zimbabwe could be arrested if found to have contravened the country’s Human Trafficking Act. (Chronicle – 10/12/2015)

Remittances to Ethiopia in 2015 top $3b – govt: Ethiopian government announce that total remittance inflows in 2015 hit a record high of USD3.7 billion exceeding income from exports and foreign aid. (StarAfrica - 25/12/2015)


Eritrea: New report into the abuses driving huge refugee flows to Europe: Amnesty International release a report, Just Deserters, which documents the current reality of National Service in Eritrea. Indefinite conscription into the system is a predominant factor in asylum applications made by Eritrean migrants. (Amnesty International - 01/12/2015)

At least150 Eritreans flee their country every day-OfficialAccording to a senior official from Sudanese migration department, at least 150 Eritreans leave their country every day and cross over to Sudan and move onwards to Libya and Egypt in an attempt to enter Europe. (StarAfrica – 26/12/2015)


Some 200 asylum seekers cross into Israel despite Sinai fence: Israel authorities announce that about 200 asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea have been detained after crossing Israel’s new border fence with Egypt. (The Times of Israel – 06/12/2015)


UN urges Jordan to let 12,000 stranded Syrian refugees enter: UNHCR appeals to Jordan to allow entry to an estimated 12,000 Syrian refugees stranded at the border following an escalation of air strikes in Syria. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 08/12/2015)

Jordan starts deporting Sudanese asylum seekers: Jordan deports hundreds of Sudanese asylum seekers despite efforts by UNHCR to halt the deportations. (ABC News – 18/12/2015)


Kenyan military begins search for human traffickers from Ethiopia border: Kenyan government deploy the military along the Moyale-Isiolo-Nairobi route to crack down on human traffickers and smugglers. (Standard – 02/12/2015)

Over 50 Ethiopian aliens arrested in Kasarani: More than 50 Ethiopian migrants are arrested in Nairobi, Kenya for being in the country illegally. IOM estimates than an average of 30 Ethiopians enter the country daily in attempt to reach South Africa. (Citizen – 10/12/2015)


Italy rescues over 1,500 migrants off Libya coast: The Italian coastguard rescue over 1,500 migrants off Libyan coast in 11 separate operations. (Yahoo News – 04/12/2015)

4,600 migrants rescued off Libyan coast in three days: The Italian coastguard announce that more than 4,600 people have been rescued off the Libyan coast in three days. (Breitbart – 06/12/2015)

Libyan factions agree to sign national unity deal: The UN Special Envoy for Libya announce that rival factions in Libya have agreed to sign a UN backed national unity government by December 16, 2015. (Al-Jazeera – 12/12/2015)

Two migrants drown, 108 rescued off Libya: coastguard: Libyan coastguard rescue 108 migrants off Libyan as two are reported to have drowned and another ten missing. (Yahoo News – 21/12/2015)

UN Security Council backs Libya unity accord: The UN Security Council backs the new national unity government in Libya in anticipation that this will help stem mass migration flows to Europe and counter threats from ISIS. (Yahoo News – 23/12/2015)


Somalia: Pressure mounts on Puntalnd leader to sign peace deal: International and national pressure mounts on Puntland leader Abdiwali Mohamed to sign a peace deal with Galmudug leader Abdikarin Guled to end Galkayo fighting. (Mareeg – 01/12/2015)


Sudan, UK agree to cooperate in the fight against illegal migration: Sudan and UK agree to coordinate police and migration efforts to fight against organized and cross-border crimes as well as illegal migration and human trafficking. (Sudan Tribune – 03/12/2015)

South Sudan

Fuelled by corruption, South Sudan war enters third year: This article highlight the conflict situation in South Sudan which according to analysts has been fuelled by corruption in the country. (IRIN News – 17/12/2015)

South Africa

SA introduces stiffer penalties for human trafficking: South Africa introduces new regulations aimed at curbing cross-border human trafficking and smuggling. (The Chronicle – 21/12/2015)


Yemen president confirms proposed 7-day ceasefire for peace talks: In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-moon, the president of Yemen confirms that he has asked the Saudi-led coalition to begin a 7 day ceasefire from December 15 to facilitate UN sponsored peace talks. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 08/12/2015)

IOM, UNHCR appeal for $94mn to support refugees fleeing Yemen conflict: IOM and UNHCR jointly launch an inter-agency appeal for $94 million to provide assistance and protection, in 2016, to refugees, returnees and migrants fleeing conflict in Yemen. More than 170,000 people are reported to have fled the country for Horn of Africa and Persian Gulf countries. (StarAfrica – 09/12/2015)

Amid dire humanitarian situation, some 2.5 million now internally displaced in Yemen – UN: Following the conflict that broke out in early 2015, UNHCR report that there are an estimated 2.5 million IDPs in Yemen. (UN News Centre – 21/12/2015)

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