Media Listing November 2015


'Enough is enough': UN and Red Cross issue warning for states to end conflict As wars rage in Libya, Syria and Yemen, Ban Ki-moon and Peter Maurer call for states to help refugees, rein in armed groups and end heavy weapon use in populated areas. (The Guardian – 01/11/2015)

Whilst Europe focusses on Syria's mass migration, a larger crisis is growing in Yemen In this article, the author calls for greater effort from Western and European policy makers to address Yemeni situation which rivals Syria’s volatility – yet fails to garner the same press attention. (Huffington Post – 01/11/2015)

Malaysia deports 183 illegal migrant workers to Indonesia Malaysian authorities deport 126 men, 49 women, five boys and three girls back to Indonesia for illegally working in the country. (Jakarta Globe – 01/11/2015)

There’s no perfect answer to the migrant crisis – and we must face that In this article, Jeffrey Sachs argues for “smarter” solutions to address root causes of migration since blocking the entry of refugees would fail while opening doors without limit would be reckless. (The Guardian – 02/11/2015)

Lebanese law forces Syrian refugees underground This article explores the implication of regulations introduced by Lebanese government to stem the flow of Syrian refugees. (IRIN News – 02/11/2015)

Refugee influx a major opportunity for Germany, leading economist says In this article, Marcel Fratzscher, argues that the long-term economic gains from the huge influx of refugees into Germany will far outweigh the massive costs of the crisis in 5- 10 years. (The Guardian – 05/11/2015)

Africa and Europe need coherent policies on African migration In this article, the author argues that the migration debate must move beyond coercive measures aimed at stemming migration towards long-term and mutually beneficial solutions for migration challenge. (Chatham House – 05/11/2015)

Australian asylum policies under fire at UN rights review Australia’s record is criticized during the UN Human Rights Council review for its offshore processing of asylum claims, detention of child migrants and deportation of legitimate refugees. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 09/11/2015)

Pakistan says it won't take back migrants with 'criminal record' Pakistani authority temporarily suspends a 2010 agreement with EU on re-admitting deported Pakistani citizens. The government blames EU countries for deportation of people without proper verification. (DW – 09/11/2015)

EU offers Africa aid, easier travel for migrant help This article highlights the outcomes of the Valletta Summit including aid, visas and cheaper remittance costs for African countries in return for cooperation in stemming irregular migration. African leaders voiced reservations to certain issues such as the EU Trust Fund being insufficient, proposal to establish processing centres in Africa, issuance of deportation papers to failed asylum seekers. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 11/11/2015)

Valletta Summit: Cooperation on migration and economic development with Africa The EU Emergency Trust Fund made up of 1.8billion euros is launched during the Valletta Summit. The fund will tackle the root causes of irregular migration in Africa. European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker also signed the Common Agenda for Mobility and Migration (CAMM) with Ethiopia. (European Commission News – 12/11/2015)

EU-Africa migrant plan raises worrying questions The author highlight reactions from various civil society organizations following the launch of the EU Emergency Trust Fund. “The summit was not well balanced. It was the EU talking in one voice,” said Odile Faye, Migration and Development Civil Society (MADE) (IRIN News – 12/11/2015)

The only way to stop African migrants is to improve life at home Following the Valletta Summit, UNDP’s Mohammed Yahya, argues that development programs and border policing alone are unlikely to address migration unless Africa generates opportunities that its young people are seeking including intra-African work permits modelled on EU system. (TIME – 12/11/2015)

Giving money to Eritrea and Sudan to stop refugees is almost satire The author of this article argues that offering financial incentives to repressive African governments to stem the flow of migrants to Europe is like turning a blind eye to the reasons why people flee their countries in the first place. (The Guardian – 13/11/2015)

People-smuggling: the trade with refugees in Bulgaria This article gives details of the smuggling and trafficking trade that is flourishing in Bulgaria as migrants seek to reach West Europe via the country. An average of 500 people are trafficked across borders daily with smugglers charging nearly 3000 Euros per person. There are reports that some Bulgarian border guards are involved. (Daily News – 14/11/2015)

The leaders of Europe must rethink their approach in addressing the problems of African migration to Europe This is an open letter to EC president Jean-Claude Junker giving reasons as to why the recently launched EU Emergency Trust Fund would be counterproductive unless pertinent governance issues in Africa are addressed. (The Perspective – 15/11/2015)

Not all asylum seekers are terrorists, European Commission warns Following terrorist attacks in Paris, France, European Commission warn member states against conflating terrorists with refugees seeking asylum. This follows fear that terrorists are using same route as migrants to enter Europe. (ABC News – 16/11/2015)

Growing number of US states seek to block acceptance of Syrian refugees According to this article, the number of states expressing resistance to accepting Syrian refugees has increased owing to fears about security and safety following attacks in Paris, France. (The Guardian – 16/11/2015)

Refugees should not be turned into scapegoats following Paris attacks, says UN agency UNHCR cautions EU member states against backtracking from commitments made to manage refugee crisis following terrorist attacks in Paris, France. “This is dangerous as it will contribute to xenophobia and fear,” said Melissa Fleming, UNHCR spokesperson. (UNHCR News Center – 17/11/2015)

IOM repatriates stranded Burkina Faso migrants from Libya IOM announce that 23 migrants from Burkina Faso stranded in Libya have been repatriated back home via Tunisia. The migrants are part of a group of 258 Burkinabe whom IOM will repatriate in the next two months. (IOM Press – 17/11/2015

Nicaragua deports hundreds of Cuban migrants back to Costa Rica Nicaragua government deports hundreds of Cuban migrants back to Costa Rica as they attempt to transit through the country towards Mexico and further cross into the US. (El Pais – 17/11/2015)

How the refugee crisis is hurting foreign aid In this article, European countries are reported to be using their foreign aid budgets to cover the costs of hosting refugees - a move that is likely to significantly affect development programs in developing countries. (IRIN News – 18/11/2015)

Is climate change driving the surge of migrants to Europe? And is it just the start of much bigger global problems to come? In this article, the author argues that amid geopolitical turmoil and violence, climate change is also a contributing factor to current migration crisis. (The Courier – 18/11/2015)

Blow for Obama as US House passes bill tightening security on Syrian refugees A bill to raise barriers against Syrian and Iraqi refugees entering the US has been passed by the House of Representatives in US. It will involve each refugee being screened and cleared before entering US (Express UK – 19/11/2015)

Drastic decrease in migrants and refugees crossing into Greece – IOM IOM announce a drastic decrease in the number of migrants and refugees crossing into Greece in November. This could be linked to tighter border controls in Europe following terrorist attacks in Paris, France. (Sophia Globe – 24/11/2015)

Fire at Algerian migrant camp leaves 18 people dead Algerian Red Crescent report that 18 people died while another 43 were injured when a fire broke out at a camp housing about 600 migrants in Ouargla, south-east of Algiers. (The Guardian – 24/11/2015)

50 unwanted Nigerian migrants deported from UK UK deports 44 males and 6 females back to Nigeria for immigration related offenses. More than 400 Nigerian migrants are expected to be deported from UK in coming months. (The News – 25/11/2015)

Canadian PM slows down Syrian resettlement Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announce that plans to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by December 31, 2015 had been slowed down following terrorist attacks in Paris, France. (Yahoo News – 25/11/2015)

U.N. says Chinese-style rural reforms can cut African migration UNCTAD Secretary – General Mukhisa Kituyi argues that world’s poorest nations can stem migration by emulating China’s rural reforms. "A sustainable solution to illicit migration is to be addressed by creating viable livelihoods for the populations that are being disgorged by unviable agriculture," he said. (Reuters – 25/11/2015)


Criminal gangs targeting vulnerable young asylum seekers in Europe In this article, Europol’s Chief of Staff, Brian Donald, announces that organized criminal gangs are targeting young asylum seekers in Europe and forcing them into prostitution and slave labour. (News Week – 02/11/2015)

Record numbers of asylum seekers reach Europe in October The United Nations report that a monthly record of 218,394 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe by sea in the month of October. (Euro News – 03/11/2015)

Europe migrant crisis: German talks fail to resolve crisis as fifteen more asylum seekers drown off GreeceAt least 15 people are reported to have drowned in the Aegean Sea as political talks in Germany fail to produce a consensus on how to handle the influx. (ABC News – 04/11/2015)

Migrants crisis: Greece sends first refugees to Luxembourg Greece sends 30 refugees from Syria and Iraq to Luxembourg in the first round of relocations under EU’s plan to redistribute migrants. (BBC – 04/11/2015)

Spanish frigate rescues hundreds of migrants off Libyan coast Spanish authorities announce that 517 migrants have been rescued off the coast of Libya as part of EU’s Operation Sophia (New Europe – 05/112015)

European Union: Three million more migrants could arrive by end of 2016 The European Union predict that up to three million more migrants could arrive in EU by the end of 2016. The forecast is based on current migrant entries estimated to be more than 700,000. (The Telegraph – 05/11/2015)

Images of drowned boy made only a fleeting change to refugee reporting This article highlight media coverage of migrants and refugees by major newspapers in Europe immediately and within weeks after the publication of photos of the lifeless body of a three year old boy on Turkish beach. (The Guardian – 09/11/2015)

EU leaders set to unleash NEW wave of migrants with 'mad' plot to woo African nations In this article, political opponents term as “sheer madness” the proposal by EU leaders to persuade African countries to take back rejected asylum seekers in exchange for open legal migration channels to skilled African migrants. (Express UK – 09/11/2015)

The European Union has relocated 147 out of 160,000 migrants so far According to the European Commission, only 147 migrants have been relocated across Europe, while 1,418 places have been made available in other EU states for migrants – out of the needed 160,000. (CNN – 10/11/2015)

Slovenia starts building fence to control flow of refugees Slovenian government erects a fence along its border with Croatia to stem the flow of migrants and refugees. About 180,000 migrants from Syria and Afghanistan are reported to have entered the country in October following Hungary’s fencing of its Croatian border. (The Guardian – 11/11/2015)

Migrant crisis: More drown as EU leaders meet in Malta Fourteen migrants are reported to have drowned between Turkey and Lesbos as EU and Africa leaders attend the Valletta Summit. 27 survivors are rescued. (BBC – 11/11/2015)

Migrant crisis: Swedish border checks introduced Swedish government introduces temporary border controls so as to “obtain security and stability” as an estimated 200,000 migrants are expected to arrive in the country in 2015. (BBC – 12/11/2015)

Why more migrants are coming to Europe as winter approaches This article explores reasons why more migrants may arrive in Europe as winter approaches. These range from the “now or never” attitude as Europe tightens its borders, continuing conflict in Afghanistan and Syria, smugglers and trafficking networks taking advantage of migrants desperation to reach EU. (Economist – 12/11/2015)

David Cameron 'to use £475m of UK aid budget to ease migration crisis' The UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, announces that £475m of UK aid budget will be committed to address root causes of migration in African countries. Part of the fund will be allocated to Turkey to help the country cope with the influx of refugees. (The Guardian – 12/11/2015)

Austria plans border fence to manage migrant flow Austria announce that it will build a 3.7 kilometre fence along its border with Slovenia to help manage the flow of migrants entering the country. (Reuters – 13/11/2015)

Major spike in number of refugee and migrant children on the move in Europe – UNICEF – UNICEF announce that there are unprecedented number of child refugees and migrants – 214,000 as at September 2015 - seeking asylum in Europe. (UNICEF News – 16/11/2015)

Eight migrants drown after boat sinks off Greek island- coastguard Greece coastguard rescue seven people as another eight are reported to have drowned after their inflatable boat sank off the Greek island of Kos. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 17/11/2015)

Paris terror unites East Europe against Merkel's refugee plan Eastern European nations toughen their opposition to the refugee relocation quota recently endorsed by EU following attacks in Paris, France.(Bloomberg Business – 17/11/2015)

Europe's migrant policing initiative has nothing to do with migration The author of this article argues that Operation Sophia might encourage migrants rather than deter them, due to a number of limitations such as the prohibition of EU forces from entering Libyan waters. (The National Interest – 19/11/2015)

Balkan states start filtering migrant flow to Europe The UN report that Balkan countries have begun filtering migrants, granting passage to those fleeing conflict in Middle East while turning back migrants from African and Asian countries. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 19/11/2015)

Norway tightens asylum rules as anti-migrant sentiment strengthens Norway introduces tighter asylum regulations aimed at stemming the flow of migrants into the country. Migrants may be denied asylum if they previously resided in a third country deemed safe. (Reuters – 20/11/2015)

Europe plans to speed up deportation of tens of thousands of Pakistanis Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner for migration, home affairs and citizenship, announce that tens of thousands of illegal Pakistani migrants would be deported back home to free up space and resources for refugees with legitimate asylum claims. (Washington Post – 23/11/2015)

Sweden unveils tighter asylum rules to curb refugee arrivals Sweden announce new tighter asylum regulations citing inability to cope with increased numbers of asylum seekers in the country. “We have to face reality, Sweden needed a breather,” said Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. (Europe Online – 24/11/2015)

EU sets up 3 bln euro fund for refugees in Turkey EU confirm that a 3 billion Euro fund will be set up for two years to aid Turkey cope with influx of Syrian refugees and also stem the flow of migrants seeking to enter Europe. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 24/11/2015)

EU sounds alarm as internal barriers rise in refugee crisis EU cautions that the survival of Schengen passport-free travel and single currency system would be in jeopardy if member states continue to erect internal barriers to stem flow of refugees and migrants. (Reuters – 25/11/2015)

Swedish Police: 14,000 migrants due for deportation have vanished According to Swedish authorities, an estimated 14,000 out of 22,000 individuals slated for deportation after their asylum claim was rejected have vanished off the police radar. (Breitbart – 28/11/2015)

EU, Turkey agree on means to stem refugee flow to Europe EU and Turkey agree on measures to stem the influx of refugees and migrants which include a 3 billion euro fund for Turkey to assist with refugee crisis and re-launch of Turkey’s EU membership bid. (Bloomberg Business – 29/11/2015)

Asylum Route: Greece is being fenced out of Europe The number of migrants is reported to be building up in Greece’s northern border with Macedonia, as states along the Balkan route to Central Eastern Europe put up border fences and filter out unwanted migrants. (New Europe - 30/11/2015)


Violence, hunger, poverty stalk troubled Burundi, many flee homes At least 240 people are reported to have been killed and over 200,000 have fled to neighbouring countries following political violence, shrinking economy and aid cuts in Burundi. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 18/11/2015)


82 Egyptians arrested before illegal travel to Libya Egyptian authorities report that 82 nationals were arrested near Sallum at the border with Libya in an attempt to illegally enter Libya. (Cairo Post – 05/11/2015)

15 Sudanese migrants killed by Egyptian security forces in crossfire near Israel-Egypt border 15 Sudanese migrants are reportedly killed near Israel border with Egypt after being caught in crossfire between security forces and smugglers. 15 more migrants were injured. (The Independent – 15/11/2015)

Egyptian forces shoot dead five sudanese migrants near Israeli border Egyptian military announce that five Sudanese migrants were shot dead, six injured and another five arrested in an attempt to illegally enter Israel from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. (Egyptian Streets – 23/11/2015)

Egypt to crack down on smugglers bringing migrants to Europe Egyptian government approve a draft law which seek to crack down on illegal migration. Some of the measures in the draft include harsh fines and sentences to people convicted of human smuggling. (International Business Times – 25/11/2015)


IOM helps Ethiopians return home from Yemen, Djibouti IOM announce that 54 Ethiopians who were stranded in Djibouti and Yemen have been assisted to return home. (IOM Press Room – 03/11/2015)

IOM facilitates return of stranded Ethiopian migrants from Malawi IOM announce that it had provided repatriation assistance to 50 Ethiopian irregular migrants detained in Malawi. The total number of Ethiopians detained in Malawi since mid-2015 is 442. (Star Africa – 06/11/2015)

El Nino floods could displace 100,000 in Ethiopia - U.N. The UN announce that more than 100,000 people in Ethiopia could be displaced by floods caused by El Nino as more than 8 million people face food and water shortage due to failed rains. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 23/11/2015)

Ethiopia repatriates citizens stranded in Malawi IOM announce that 224 Ethiopian migrants have been repatriated back home from Malawi bringing the total number of repatriated Ethiopians to 387. (StarAfrica – 28/11/2015)


Court upholds policy of ‘voluntary’ departure or jail for illegal migrants An Israeli court upholds state’s policy to imprison irregular migrants indefinitely if they refuse self-deportation to an unnamed third country. There are an estimated 45,000 African migrants in the country. (Jerusalem Post – 10/11/2015)


Libya warns it could flood Europe with migrants if EU does not recognise new self-declared government The Tripoli based self-declared government warns that it could send “hundreds of thousands” of migrants to Europe, if it does not get official recognition. (The Telegraph – 02/11/2015)

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