Media Listing September 2015


Is the 'migrant crisis' simply a question of humanitarian assistance?: The author of this article argues that Europe’s left-wing is crushed between right-wing movements declaring the moral priority of fellow nationals, and huge flows of migrants asking for dignity. How should social democrats respond? (Open Democracy – 01/10/2015)

UNHCR: 1.4 Million Asylum-Seekers to Reach Europe in 2015, 2016: While issuing an appeal for $128 million to cope with refugee crisis, UNHCR warns that an estimated 700,000 asylum seekers will reach Europe via Mediterranean in 2015 and another similar number will enter Europe in 2016. (Voice of America – 01/10/2015)

Number displaced by violence in Bangui soars past 40,000: Following the devastating violence that erupted in Bangui after the killing of a Muslim driver in late September, the UNHCR estimates that 42,575 people have been displaced in the city. (UNHCR – 01/10/2015)

Europe migrant crisis: UN chief Ban Ki-moon calls on countries not to 'build walls or exploit fears: Addressing a meeting on Europe’s asylum seeker crisis at UN headquarters, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urges EU to open up more safe and legal channels for asylum seekers. (ABC News – 01/10/2015)

Africa needs coherent policies to deal with migrant crisis’: Speaking during the 55th Nigerian independence anniversary held in Windhoek, the Nigerian High Commissioner to Namibia, Sidi Ladan says, “Africa needs to address the root causes of instability that triggers the fleeing of persons from the continent” (New Era – 02/10/2015)

The growth that refugees drive: In this article, the World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim argues that there are greater socio-economic benefits when countries take in refugees and economic migrants – especially those countries with declining populations. (Gulf News - 02/10/2015)

87 migrants reach Spanish territory from Morocco: 13 people are hurt as hundreds of African migrants charge at the border between Morocco and Spanish territory of Ceuta. 87 made it across as others were held back by the Moroccan security forces. (Yahoo News – 03/10/2015)

International refugee law and the historical baggage: Does Europe have a moral obligation to accommodate the refugees?: The author argues that EU has a moral obligation towards refugees and asylum seekers entering Europe based on provisions of existing international legal frameworks and historical experiences in Europe (IBN Live - 03/10/2015)

Tiny Nauru throws gates open at Australian camp for asylum seekers: Following criticism about harsh conditions and human rights violations in Nauru’s detention centres, the government unexpectedly announces all 600 asylum claims will be processed and applicants allowed to move freely in the country.   (Thomas Reuters Foundation – 05/10/2015)

Are European billions enough to stop migration?: Noting the persistent push factors (e.g. poor governance, poverty, etc) and poor development track in some Africa countries, the author of this article queries the rationale for the EU Trust Fund which is aimed at addressing the root causes of migration crisis. (New Europe – 05/10/2015)

Opinion: Why More African Economic Migrants Should Be Allowed To Leave Eritrea: The author of this article argues that channelling aid to predatory or failed states does not address the root causes of migration crisis. Allowing economic migrants in Europe will contribute to development in origin countries through increased remittances from diaspora. (AFK Insider – 06/10/2015)  

There are more than 60 million refugees, asylum-seekers in the World, Guterres: Urging EU states to enhance management of migration flows, including establishing legal avenues for those seeking protection, UNHCR High Commissioner, António Guterres says there are more than 60 million refugees, asylum seekers and IDPs in the world and the number is expected to rise in future. (CIHAN -06/10/2015)

Rescued Eritrean Migrants Brought to Sicily: Nearly 900 migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa, mostly Eritrean, are rescued by European naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea. (Voice of America – 06/10/2015)

EU launches operation to seize migrant smugglers' boats:  European warships launch a military operation in Mediterranean dubbed Operation Sophia in international waters off Libya aimed at apprehending suspected smugglers / traffickers and rescuing migrants. (France 24 – 07/10/2015)

Mediterranean named the world's DEADLIEST crossing for migrants with 75% of all deaths: With more than 3,000 deaths reported in the Mediterranean Sea as migrants attempt to reach Europe in 2015, IOM describes the crossing as ‘the deadliest route for migrants on our planet’ (The Express - 07/10/2015)

Journeys of vulnerability from Syria to Europe: In this article, the authors review the various forms of vulnerabilities facing Syrian IDPs and refugees as they seek safety and protection in their country and neighbouring countries. Measures to address the vulnerabilities are also assessed. (ICMPD – 07/10/2015)

Valletta Summit key for new level of cooperation on migration between Europe and Africa: Ahead of the Valletta Summit, EU Home Affairs Ministers meet in Luxembourg to discuss various measures to address the migration crisis including enhanced cooperation between EU and Africa, border management and fight against cross-border serious and organized crime. (Independent – 08/10/2015)

Australia seeking refugee resettlement deal with Philippines, say reports: In this article, Australian government is reported to be seeking a deal with Philippines to resettle refugees in offshore detention centres for approx. $150m over five years. (The Guardian – 08/10/2015)

U.N. council OKs mission against human trafficking off Libya: UN Security Council authorizes EU naval operations in the Mediterranean to tackle human traffickers and smugglers. (Yahoo News – 09/10/2015)

UN, World Bank to launch refugee and reconstruction bonds: The UN, World Bank and Islamic Development Bank announce they’ll issue new bonds to raise funds meant to tackle the refugee crisis in Middle East and Northern Africa. (Thomson Reuters Foundation - 11/10/2015)

Britain wants long-term plan from World Bank for refugee crisis: in this article, Britain is urging the World Bank to launch a long term plan to address the migration crisis. “This is a crisis that is not just going to clear itself up in one or two years,” said Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary. (The Guardian – 11/10/2015)

Corruption Is Breeding Africa's Migration Problem: Following the Annual Forum for Inter-Regional Consultations of Africa’s Regional Framework on Migration held in Ghana, the author of this article argues that corruption is the main root cause of massive emigration from Africa. (All Africa – 12/10/2015)

UNHCR chief questions EU refugee strategy with Turkey: UNHCR chief Antonio Guterres urges host countries to integrate and allow refugees to work rather build refugee camps to stem migrants flow to Europe. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 12/10/2015)

States to boost international protection for people fleeing disasters: Governments of 100 nations adopt a non-binding agenda during the Nansen Initiative global consultation in Geneva. The agenda seeks to protect people displaced to other countries by natural disasters. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 13/10/2015)

Refugees in Pakistan hit by aid cuts as Europe crisis drains funds: The UNHCR in Pakistan announce that aid programmes for an estimated 2.5 million afghan refugees hosted in Pakistan have been slashed down due to cuts in donor funding as Europe’s migration crisis gains global attention. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 13/10/2015)

Greek aid worker busts seven refugee myths: Based on interviews with refugees, local authorities and community members, the author of this article seeks to clarify some of the widespread assumptions about refugees arriving in Lesvos – estimated to be more than 220,000. (IRIN News – 13/10/2015)

African students and entrepreneurs to be encouraged to migrate to EU: According to a draft proposal leaked to the media, EU leaders will discuss measures to help African students and entrepreneurs migrate legally to Europe during the Valleta Summit in November 2015. (Telegraph -13/10/2015)

World Bank may compensate Syria's neighbours for refugee costs: The World Bank plans to engage member countries about compensating countries that are hosting Syrian refugees. "We recognise that for many of these countries there's a cost associated with hosting refugees” says Colin Bruce, a senior adviser to the World Bank. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/10/2015)

What’s in a name? The complex reality of migration and human rights in the twenty-first century: -The author of this opinion article reviews the complexity of migration in modern times against the backdrop of existing refugee legal frameworks developed decades ago. (Open Democracy – 15/10/2015)

Refugees From Syria Win Appeal Against Deportation From Russia: The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) orders Russia to free Syrian asylum-seekers awaiting deportation and to compensate them for violating their rights. (The Moscow Times - 15/10/2015)

Irish Naval ship LÉ ‘Samuel Beckett’ rescues 100 off Libya: More than 100 people including two children are rescued off Libyan coast by the Irish naval service patrol ship. (The Irish Times - 15/10/2015)

Europe Asylum-Seeker Quota Plan Plunged Into Chaos: In this article, the EU’s refugee relocation quota system is put in jeopardy as asylum seekers refuse to travel to allocated countries in favour of other preferred countries. (Sputnik News – 16/10/2015)

What other Europeans can learn from Spanish efforts to limit illegal migration: This article highlights joint measures taken by Spanish government and transit countries in West and North Africa that have led to reduced numbers of migrants attempting to enter Spain over the years. (Economist – 17/10/2015)

Twelve migrants drown as boat sinks off Turkey: Turkish coastguard announce that 12 migrants drowned after their boat sank off Turkish coast. About 25 others were rescued. (Al Arabiya News – 17/10/2015)

Europe Adopts Emergency Trust Fund for Africa: The European Commission (EC) adopt the EU’s Emergency Trust Fund for Africa meant to facilitate stability and address root causes of irregular immigration in Africa. (Prensa Latina – 20/10/2015)

Another hellish refugee crisis looming in South East Asia: The author highlights the plight of Myanmar asylum seekers and migrants trapped in the Andaman Sea in the hands of human traffickers. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 21/10/2015)

Ministerial Pledging Conference on Somali Refugees: This press statement released by European Commission details EU’s support in Somalia - technical and financial - in coming years. This includes the Emergency Trust Fund aimed at addressing irregular migration. (New Europe – 21/10/2015)

EU, battling migrant crisis, urges Eritrea to respect human rights: EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini urges Eritrean government to improve human rights records and living conditions of its citizens, as an estimated 5,000 Eritrean flee the country every month. (Yahoo News – 21/10/2015)

U.N. criticises Czech detentions and strip-searches of refugees: In this article, the UN human rights chief Zeid al-Hussein accuses the Czech Republic for violating human rights by detaining refugees for up to 90 days and strip-searching them for money to pay for their own detention. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 22/10/2015)

United Nations says 120,000 displaced in Syria in October: Following the Russian backed offensive in Syria’s Aleppo, Hama and Idlib governorates, the UN estimates that at least 120,000 people have been displaced in the month of October alone. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 26/10/2015)

Protecting refugees in transit: In this article, the authors argue that there is a need for increased regional policy and protection to tackle mounting pressure on transit sites as thousands of migrants and asylum seekers move through to destination countries. (Asia & the Pacific Policy Society – 25/10/2015)

Council Conclusions on the EU Horn of Africa Regional Action Plan 2015-2020: This press statement highlights key priorities for Horn of Africa adopted by EU Council which include regional security and stability, migration and forced displacement, counter-radicalisation and violent extremism, youth and employment, and human rights, rule of law and democratic governance. (European Council – 26/10/2015)

Europe’s development budget should be spent on people not on “barbed wire and checkpoints”, says Oxfam: In this press release, Oxfam International express disappointment with objectives of EU’s Trust Fund for Africa aimed more at restricting flow of migrants and tougher border controls rather than fighting poverty and inequality in countries of origin. (Oxfam International – 26/10/2015)

EU anti-migrant smuggler operation 'needs Libya access': EU’s military operation in Mediterranean dubbed ‘Operation Sophia’ is yet to seize any smuggler vessels or make arrests. The limited impact is blamed on lack of access to Libya’s territory a proposal rejected by Libya’s government. (Global Post – 27/10/2015)

European Council lists agenda for Valletta summit, Muscat indicates objectives: This article gives a highlight of the five specific areas that will be discussed during the Valletta Summit on Migration to be held on 11-12 November in Malta. (Times of Malta – 28/10/2015)

Botswana grants 10 Eritrean soccer players asylum: A group of ten Eritrean soccer players who sought refuge in Botswana after playing in a World Cup qualifying match have been granted asylum by Botswana government. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 29/10/2015)

IGAD bloc warn on East Africa migration and human smuggling: In a statement issued in Nairobi, IGAD warns on emergent human trafficking and smuggling in East Africa as channels for regular migration continue to shrink around the globe. (Coastweek - 30/10/2015)


Finland raises forecast over asylum seekers: The Interior Ministry raises the projection of the number of people seeking asylum in Finland from 30,000 to 50,000 for 2015 citing increased inflow of refugees and migrants (Europe Online – 02/10/2015)

Sweden sees record number of asylum seekers in 2015: The Migration Agency announces that up to 90,000 people may seek asylum in Sweden in 2015 due to an increase in asylum applications which averaged 1000 per day in September 2015. (Reuters – 02/10/2015)

European leaders at UN Assembly highlight complexity of region's mass migration crisis: EU leaders addressing the UN Assembly note the complex challenges presented by current migration crisis calling for ‘global solutions, based on global participation’ (New Kerala - 04/10/2015)

Frontex chief demands shake-up as '630,000 migrants enter EU: Announcing that about 630,000 people have entered EU illegally as of end of September, Frontex chief Fabrice Ebra urges EU States to manage  EU’s external border instead of deploying hundreds of police at national borders. (Yahoo News – 04/10/2015)

Estonia and Italy sign agreement over acceptance of refugees: Italy and Estonia sign an agreement outlining the terms of relocating refugees and asylum seekers arriving in southern Europe. (Baltic Times – 04/10/2015)

Germany faces 1.5 million asylum claims this year - report: According to an internal government document cited by German media, the number of people seeking asylum in Germany in 2015 alone is estimated to reach 1.5million. (BBC – 05/10/2015)

Danish Parties Agree to Tighten Immigration Rules Amid Refugee Crisis: The Danish government is reported to have secured the support of four political parties to implement tougher immigration rules aimed at deterring immigration into the country. (Sputnik International – 05/10/2015)

Finger-printing refugees will "filter out the terrorists" - EU's deputy chief: In response to growing security concerns in Europe due to influx of migrants, EC’s Vice President Frans Timmermans says, “If we do our jobs and we make sure as soon as people arrive they are finger-printed and identified, then that problem doesn't exist”  (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 05/10/2015)

German authorities accused of playing down refugee shelter sex crime reports: Germany’s police union and women’s rights groups blame authorities for not taking action following rumours of harassment and assault on women in refugee shelters. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 06/10/2015)

EU seeks Turkey help to block migrant flows, offers cash: European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker presents a draft action plan to Turkey’s President Erdogan which recommends tighter border controls to stem migration flows including an offer of up to 1 billion euros to help Turkey manage refugees.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 06/10/2015)

EU talks tough on deportations amid flood of Syrian refugees: EU governments are reported to agree on a proposal to deport hundreds of thousands of people who fail to win asylum. Further, EU will exert pressure on African countries and other poor states to accept back deported citizens. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 07/10/2015)

Secret plan to deport thousands of migrants: According to a diplomatic text leaked to the media, EU plans to deport hundreds of thousands of failed asylum seekers back to origin countries. Sending countries who fail to accept back deported migrants may have trade deals and aid withdrawn. (The Times - 07/10/2015)

Half of Czechs oppose taking in war refugees - survey: According to a survey conducted by Czech Public Opinion Research Centre, up to 50% of Czechs are against accepting refugees from conflict zones. This reflects Czech’s strong opposition to EU’s policies on opening the door to growing number of asylum-seekers in EU. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 07/10/2015)

Britain's tech community links up with charities to help migrants with mobiles: A group of London-based techies are working with charities to develop mobile phone based solutions which can be useful to migrants on the move. ‘My Refuge’ app for instance links refugees with people who are willing to host them.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 08/10/2015)

No place left to die on Greece's Lesbos for refugees lost at sea: This article highlights the impact of the migration crisis on the Greece’s Lesbos where cemeteries are running out of space due to increased migrant tragedies in Aegean Sea. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 08/10/2015)

Plane carrying Eritreans leaves Italy under new EU plan: Following the endorsement by EU leaders to redistribute 160,000 asylum seekers in Europe, a total of 19 Eritreans (14 men; 5 women) are airlifted from Italy to be resettled in Sweden. (Washington Post – 09/10/2015)

EU agrees to speed migrant deportation, buttress borders: A meeting of EU states agree on measures to address the migration crisis including tougher border controls, return policy for people rejected asylum and funding to countries outside EU that are hosting Syrian refugees. (In Homeland Security – 09/10/2015)

Cross at your peril: tough justice for refugees in Hungary: This article highlights the plight of migrants who are detained by Hungarian authorities for breaking the new law which criminalizes illegal entry into the country. (IRIN News – 09/10/2015)

Attacks on refugee shelters rising in Germany: Minister: The German interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere announces that a total of 493 attacks on refugee shelters have been reported between January and October 2015 – three times higher than attacks recorded in 2014. (Press TV – 10/10/2015)

Greece to Open 5 Migrant Processing Centers on Lesbos: Following a meeting with EU partners, Greece pledges to open 5 migrant processing centres or ‘hotspots’ in Lisbos to facilitate the relocation and distribution of asylum seekers to other EU countries. (Voice of America – 10/10/2015)

No 'safe' asylum for female refugees in Europe: This article highlights the plight of female migrants who are exposed to physical and sexual violence in cramped refugee shelters in Germany. (Deutsche Welle – 11/10/2015)

Iraqi asylum seekers protest against Finland's deportation move: Iraqi asylum seekers rally in central Helsinki and submit a petition against Finland’s plan to deport hundreds of rejected asylum seekers back to Iraq. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 12/10/2015)

German conservatives agree on "transit zones" for refugees: German conservatives agree on a plan to set up ‘transit zones’ at the border to filter out migrants likely to be rejected asylum in Germany. The Social Democrats express strong reservations to this proposal. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 12/10/2015)

EU migrant arrivals 170,000 in Sept, border agency Frontex says: EU’s Frontex announce that an estimated 170,000 irregular migrants entered Europe in September alone, bringing the total for the year so far to approx. 710,000. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 13/10/2015)

Europe’s migrant crisis: European Parliament approves extra 401M euro funding to manage response: The EU parliament endorse an extra 401 million euro to support EU’s countries hardest hit by refugee inflow, non-EU countries hosting Syrian refugees and three EU agencies handling refugee related tasks. (The Sophia Globe – 14/10/2015)

Italy to hand over 100 more asylum-seekers to European Union: Italy announces that 100 asylum seekers will be relocated to other EU countries as part of EU’s plan to ease pressure on front-line countries Greece and Italy. (Independent – 14/10/2015)

Sweden Democrats to advertise in Middle East to deter migrants: In this article, Sweden Democrats announce they will push for tighter border controls including advertising campaign in Middle East to discourage asylum seekers. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/10/2015)

Polish opposition warns refugees could spread infectious diseases: Ahead of October 25 election, Poland’s largest opposition party warns that refugees from Middle East could bring diseases and parasites to Poland – remarks which attracted wide criticism in media. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/10/2015)

Finland arrests suspected traffickers bringing migrants from Turkey: Finnish Border Guard announce the arrest of 15 men suspected of illegally smuggling at least 100 people from Turkey to Finland. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/10/2015)

Germany tightens asylum rules to cope with refugee influx: German lawmakers approve a number of measures aimed at stemming the influx of migrants including speeding up asylum and deportation process, construction of shelters, reducing cash incentives for economic migrants and widening list of countries deemed as ‘safe’. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/10/2015)

Norway seeking to return some Syrian asylum seekers to Russia: In this article, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration says that Syrian refugees who had previously stayed in Russia will be sent back under a return agreement with Russia. (Reuters – 15/10/2015)

European leaders offer Turkey 'action plan' on migration crisis:  To obtain Turkey’s cooperation in stemming migrants flow, EU leaders agree to an action plan offering Turkey 3 billion pounds, visa-free travel for Turks and resumption of negotiations on Turkey’s EU membership bid. (The Guardian – 16/10/2015)

INTERVIEW-Hungary ready to seal off Croatian border to keep out migrants: In an interview with Reuters, Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says his government is ready to seal off the border with Croatia if EU leaders fail to agree on a joint task force for EU external border. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 15/10/2015)

EU Appears Poised to Resume Development Aid to Eritrea: Eritrea may receive an allocation of $229 million over the next six years from the 11th European Development Fund. The fund will tackle increased emigration from Eritrea by creating economic opportunities. (Voice of America - 15/10/2015)

EU committee approves Mizzi’s asylum seeker report: European Parliament’s Petition Committee approve a report by Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi which calls for a holistic EU approach to the Mediterranean refugee crisis. (Malta Today – 17/10/2015)

Hungary closes border to refugees as Turkey questions EU deal to stem crisis: Hungary closes its border with Croatia in a bid to block the path of migrants travelling to northern Europe. “[…] cross the border legally and seek asylum,” said government spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs. (Guardian – 17/10/2015)

Migrant crisis: Slovenia sets limit of 2,500 people a day: Slovenia announces that only 2,500 migrants will be allowed to cross its border per day. This comes as Hungary closes its border with Croatia leading to build-up of migrants in Croatia. (BBC – 18/10/2015)

Germany warns of growing right-wing radicalism amid refugee crisis: Germany’s government warn that right-wing radicalism and xenophobia are on the rise following anti-Islam rallies spurred influx of migrants.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 20/10/2015)

Toughened German asylum law comes into effect a week early: Germany’s lawmakers approve tougher asylum rules in a bid to stem the influx of migrants. Among others, migrants from countries deemed as safe will be repatriated back as asylum applicants are required to stay longer in reception centres. (Europe Online – 24/10/2015)

UN says over 700,000 refugees reached Europe this year: UNHCR announce that more than 700,000 people have entered Europe via Mediterranean this year with children constituting 20% of total arrivals. Half of all arrivals are from Syria, 18% from Afghanistan and 6% from Iraq. (Al Jazeera – 27/10/2015)

Tony Abbott urges Europe to turn back asylum seekers: In this article, the former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is reported as urging EU to close its borders to asylum seekers as the only way to prevent a ‘European catastrophic error’. (Sunshine Coast Daily – 28/10/2015)

More than 1,000 migrants rescued from boats off Libya on Wednesday- Italy coast guard: EU navy ships rescue more than 1000 migrants heading towards Italy from Libyan coast. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 28/10/2015)

Austria and Slovenia to build border fence to 'control' asylum seeker flow: Austria’s Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner announces that Austria will build a fence along its border with Slovenia to stem the flow of migrants. (ABC News – 28/10/2015)

Greek coastguard rescues 242 migrants as boat sinks, 3 drown: Greek coastguard rescue 242 migrants when their boat sank off the island of Lesbos. At least three people are reported to have drowned.(Thomson Reuters Foundation – 28/10/2015)

HMS Richmond and HMS Enterprise rescue 541 migrants from the Med: At least 541 migrants are rescued by two royal navy ships in the Mediterranean. This article also gives a timeline account of key happenings on EU’s migration crisis between April and October 2015. (Telegraph – 29/10/2015)

13 children among 22 asylum seekers drowned off Greek coast: Greek coastguard rescue an estimated 138 migrants after two boats sank off the islands of Kalymnos and Rhodes. At least 22 people are reported to have drowned. (ABC News – 31/10/2015)


Crackdown on people smugglers in Ethiopia: The government of Ethiopia announces that more than 200 smugglers have been arrested and a campaign is underway aimed at warning people about the perils irregular migration. (BBC – 01/10/2015)

Nearly 800 Yemeni refugees cross into Ethiopia: Ethiopian government announce that nearly 800 Yemeni citizens have entered Ethiopia recently bringing the number of Yemeni refugees in the country to 1,400.(Star Africa – 21/10/2015)


34 migrants deported from Cairo Airport: Egypt deports 19 Sudanese and 15 Ethiopians arrested at the Sallom border after a failed attempt to enter Libya illegally. (Cairo Post – 01/10/2015)

Egyptian security forces foil two illegal ground, sea migrations: Egyptian security forces arrest 109 Egyptians attempting to leave the country illegally, while a total of 25 Somalis are arrested for illegal entry into Egypt. (The Cairo Post – 10/10/2015)

11 migrants drown as boat capsizes off Egypt: Security forces in Egypt rescue 15 migrants mainly from Syria, Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa as 11 others are reported to have drowned after a Europe bound boat capsized off Egyptian port of Baltim. (Al Arabiya News – 11/10/2015)

2,215 arrested for attempting 'illegal migration' in one month: Egypt's army: Egypt’s armed forces announce that a total of 2,215 illegal migrants of varying nationalities were arrested in September as they attempted to enter Europe via various coastal regions of Egypt. (Ahram Online – 12/10/2015) -

560 Egyptian child migrants reach Italian shore: Minister of immigration: Egyptian government announce that an estimated 560 child migrants from Egypt have entered Italy via Mediterranean Sea. (Ahram Online – 21/10/2015)

78 Africans, 240 Egyptians arrested over illegal immigration to Italy, Libya: 72 Somalis, 3 Congolese, 1 Gambian and 2 Sudanese are arrested in Egypt in a failed attempt to enter Italy via Mediterranean Sea. Another 240 Egyptians and 6 Iraqis are arrested for attempting to enter Libya through desert routes. (Cairo Post – 21/10/2015)

11 Somalis, 10 Ethiopians Arrested in Egypt for Illegal Migration: Egyptian government detain 11 Somalis and 10 Ethiopians for illegally entering the country. The 21 are suspected of planning to enter Europe via Mediterranean Sea. (Zegabi – 24/10/2015)

Egypt to set up ad hoc court for human trafficking: Justice Minister: During a meeting with IOM, the Egyptian government announce that an ad hoc court will be set up to try human trafficking and illegal migration crimes. (Egypt Independent – 24/10/2015)

238 arrested in fishing boat en route to Italy amid bad weather: Egyptian naval forces arrest 238 people in a fishing boat en-route to Italy. (Cairo Post – 25/10/2015)


Ethiopians fined Sh20, 000 for being in the country illegally: Eight Ethiopian nationals are found guilty by a Kenyan court for being in the country without valid documents and ordered to pay a Sh20, 000 fine or serve a jail term of 130 days. (Hivisasa – 06/10/2015)

5,000 Refugees Have Gone Back to Somalia: In this article, UNHCR announces that nearly 5,000 Somali refugees from Kenya’s Dadaab camps have returned back to Somali since December 2014. Another 4,500 have signed up to return in coming months. (All Africa – 19/10/2015)


REPORTS: NEARLY 100 MIGRANTS DEAD NEAR LIBYA – The Libyan Red Crescent report that an estimated 100 migrants died in the Mediterranean off Libya within the first week of October 2015. (Eye Witness News – 06/10/2015)

96 unregistered Egyptian migrants arrested in Libya, 50 deported: Security forces in Libya arrest 96 Egyptian nationals for illegally entering Libya as another 50 are deported back to Egypt. (The Cairo Post – 07/10/2015)

Rival bands of Libya traffickers extort boat migrants: The head of the ‘Sophia’ military operation targeting smugglers and traffickers in Mediterranean warn of certain rivalry between traffickers in Libya who are fighting over the lucrative migrant business. (Yahoo News – 08/10/2015)

U.N. proposes national unity government for Libya's warring factions, obstacles remain: The UN proposes a national unity government in Libya meant to end the four year conflict between the two warring factions.(Yahoo News – 08/10/2015)

Libyan authorities detain 300 African migrants: 300 migrants mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa are detained by Libyan authorities as they attempted to board boats headed for Europe. (Bristol Herald Courier – 09/10/2015)

More than 500 migrants rescued off Libya coast: Spanish Civil Guard announce that 523 African migrants have been rescued off the Libyan coast with the help of the Italian coastguard. The migrants are mainly from Nigeria, Gambia, Senegal, Libya, Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea. (Yahoo News – 10/10/2015)

UN-Proposed Unity Government a `Surprise,' Libyan Official Says: In this article, a senior minister in the internationally recognized government says the various rival factions in Libya have not agreed to the UN proposed unity government. (Bloomberg Business – 12/10/2015)

Libya finds bodies of 43 people, thought to be asylum seekers, on beach; three drown off Greece: Libya’s Red Crescent announce that bodies of 43 people thought to be asylum seekers were found washed up on Libya beaches. (ABC News – 26/10/2015)

South Africa

Labour Migration - South Africa Must Make More Progress: The author of this opinion article argues that South Africa needs a cohesive and regionally responsive labour migration policy framework that ensures migrant workers contribute to national economic objectives rather than deterring migrants. (All Africa – 12/10/2015)

South Africa’s Tough Lessons on Migrant Policy: Drawing from South Africa’s migration policy and experiences, the author cautions against short-term policies and measures in addressing EU’s migration crisis. (Foreign Policy – 13/10/2015)

South Sudan

Charity firms leave South Sudan state over fresh violence: Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) close their operations in South Sudan’s Unity State owing to escalating attacks on aid workers. According to UN, more than a million people have been displaced and at least 50,000 killed in the conflict that started in December 2013. (Daily Nation – 08/10/2015)


Sudan: EU, Sudan Agree to Continue Fight Against Human Trafficking: A meeting between the EU Delegation to Sudan and Sudan government highlight the need for cooperation between EU and Sudan in combating human trafficking and irregular migration. (All Africa – 07/10/2015)


IOM, UNHCR work together to Aid migrants and refugees fleeing Yemen: Representatives from IOM and UNHCR present the Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan (RRMRP) aimed at responding to the crisis in Yemen. The plan will cost USD 36 million (October-December 2015) and a further USD 119 million in 2016.  (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation - 06/10/2015)  

Six months into the Yemen crisis, DRC helps over 243,000 persons: Danish Refugee Council (DRC) announce that over 243,000 persons affected by the crisis in Yemen will benefit from emergency and protection assistance in 2015. (Thomson Reuters Foundation – 12/10/2015)

IOM assists evacuation of 83 Ethiopian migrants from war-torn Yemen: IOM announce that 83 Ethiopian migrants stranded in Yemen due to on-going conflict have been evacuated back home via Djibouti. (Star Africa – 13/10/2015)

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